Traffic Density Decreased by 6 Percent in Istanbul

traffic density decreased in Istanbul
traffic density decreased in Istanbul

Despite the increase in population and number of vehicles every year in Istanbul, it is confirmed by international independent researchers that the investments made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in transportation and smart solutions significantly reduce traffic density. TomTom, one of the world's largest traffic data providers, 6 on the continent 56 in the country 403 in the city collected GPS data from in-car navigation devices, according to the report published in Istanbul 2017 percent 59 percent 2018'e traffic density declined to 53. With the rail system projects under construction by IMM, it is aimed to decrease the traffic density in the coming years.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's smart urbanization vision, smart transportation systems, rail systems, interconnected public transportation services are giving breath to Istanbul traffic. In fact, this situation is reflected in the reports of international independent firms which examine the traffic density of cities. According to TomTom's research, which examines the traffic density of major cities around the world, the traffic density is decreasing despite the increase in population and number of vehicles in Istanbul every year.

traffic density decreased in Istanbul
traffic density decreased in Istanbul

International TomTom Traffic Index Report The percentage of traffic jams announced by the Netherlands-based company is calculated by calculating the extra time drivers spend all year at the wheel. TomTom's research 56 country 403 city traffic density was examined. According to the survey, including Istanbul, 2017 in 59 percent of the traffic density in 2018 year 53'e fell. According to an international survey conducted by the same company last year, Tomtom's traffic density in Istanbul decreased by 6. appeared in the report published on the website.

In this success achieved in Istanbul, it was emphasized that the contribution of many innovations such as smart transportation systems, new road construction, road and intersection arrangements, increasing the variety and number of public transportation and integration of all public transportation vehicles were emphasized. Investments such as Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, North Marmara Motorway, Eurasia Tunnel and Marmaray, which were realized by the central government, also provided significant relief to Istanbul traffic. In particular, Marmaray, which was opened to service and served an average of 450 thousand passengers per day, increased the use of public transportation, thereby reducing the density of vehicles.

In addition, the construction of a total of 15 different rail system lines in Istanbul at the same time continues. 11, IMM, and 4 by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure by the rail system lines put into service over the years will be a major contribution to the reduction of traffic density throughout Istanbul.

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