TCDD Undertakes the Responsibility of a Possible Accident at the Faulty Culvert in Arifiye

tcdd has assumed the responsibility of a possible accident in the wrong culvert on the eve
tcdd has assumed the responsibility of a possible accident in the wrong culvert on the eve

Arifiye Sakarya last week, due to downpour rainfall, railroad shortages 14 turned out to be known to be known months ago. According to the documents prepared, TCDD assumes the responsibility if High Speed ​​Train crashes in the wrong culvert. Istanbul-Ankara at a time thanks to the engineer's attention to accident survivors High Speed ​​Train (YHT), resulting in a new report revealed the value given to human life in Turkey.

CumhuriyetAccording to the report of Cüneyt Muharremoğlu; “In a culvert in Arifiye, the rails were unloaded and the attention of the machinists prevented a possible disaster. According to the document dated April 10, 2018, the Directorate of Railway Modernization has determined that the fault in the mentioned culvert will lead to a train accident. It was emphasized in the documents belonging to the Presidency that the level difference between the two railway lines is high and the line named 'Line 1' should be supported. Wing walls were asked to be built to protect the infrastructure from surface water flow. Emphasizing that this point is a landslide area, “Precautions must be taken. Due to the culvert outlet being submerged, it cannot provide the discharge of teressubat (sediment) that comes with the water. If it is clogged, we have no chance of intervention. The culvert must be canceled and the stream must be connected to the Sakarya River from the alternative route. ” It was stated that the deficiencies that may cause accidents on the rails should be eliminated by contractor companies within 75 days. A commitment was made that all responsibilities that would arise if the deficiencies were not completed and that would endanger the safety of the navigation would be under the Directorate of Railways Modernization.

They condone the journey of death

They returned from the dead

18 The Ankara-Istanbul YHT campaign was stopped in Sakarya Arifiye in June and thanks to the attention of the machinists and the knowledge of the region in advance, the water on the rails was noticed and the train was stopped. According to the resulting undertaking, it was known that the train survived a possible accident, the culvert was built incorrectly, and the TCDD took responsibility for the accident.



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