TCDD 1 made a statement about the Marmaray Breakdown in which the person fainted

tcdd person fainted marmaray made a statement about the failure
tcdd person fainted marmaray made a statement about the failure

KadıköyDue to the breakdown in Marmaray in Istanbul, the flights stopped and passengers walked down the rails. When the wagons were not opened for a while, 1 passenger who panicked passed out while a passenger who tried to get off the wagon was injured by his arm. After the fault is remedied Kadıköy Expeditions to the direction returned to normal.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) said in a statement about the malfunction; “Today (26 June 2019) Marmaray line is located in Gebze-Halkalı The train set 10029, which is running between the hours, failed at the exit of Suadiye Station at 10.35.

1-The train set is locked due to the fact that the passengers apply the brakes of the train during the breakdown
it was not possible to rectify the fault.

2-Passengers on the train are evacuated with the support of police and fire brigade and come to Suadiye Station
It is provided.

During the 3-evacuation, a passenger strikes his arm so that he does not need treatment
It was injured.

4-One single line operation due to the incident in the Marmaray line, with the withdrawal of the train set from the line
Together with 13.35, the normal train operation has been started. ”


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