Today in History: 30 June 1941 Long Bridge-Svilingrad

30 June 1941 Uzunköprü-30 June 1941 Uzunköprü-Svilingrad segmentSvilingrad segment
30 June 1941 Long Bridge-Svilingrad section

Today in History
30 June 1855 Sultan Abdülmecid, Vükelaya in his speech to the railway business as soon as asked to be ..
30 June The construction of 1916 Kemerburgaz-Çiftalan Line was started.
30 June 1931 Law No. 1818 on the connection of the Construction Department of the Railways and Ports to the Ministry of Public Works.
30 June 1941 An agreement on the operation of Uzunköprü-Svilingrad section by Turkish State Railways was signed.



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