Turkish engineers will be safer to drive with software

surus will be more secure with the software of Turkish engineers
surus will be more secure with the software of Turkish engineers

The use of digital tachograph for driving safety has become mandatory for all vehicles within the scope of legislation starting from 2010 year. By analyzing the data downloaded from these devices showing the distance, speed, driving time, working intervals and daily rest periods of the vehicle, accidents will be prevented and road safety will increase.

In the scope of the Tachograph Devices Regulation published in the Official Gazette No. 27587, it was compulsory to download and store the data of the digital tachograph and driver. 2017 / KDGM-4 / ST of the Circular issued by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. By the provision of the Article, drivers of the digital tachograph card are obliged to send the data recorded on the driver cards to the Card Delivery Authority. this authority in Turkey, Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), established by the Digital Tachograph Application Center (STAM).

One million vehicles using digital tachographs

Released by TurkStat "Motor Vehicles" according to data from Turkey as of January 2019 218 489 thousand buses and trucks has 846 97 thousand. Under the regulation published in the Official Gazette, the 1.064.586 vehicle is forced to use a digital tachograph.

Driving safety analysis is also possible

TachoMobile General Manager Burak Çiga, pointing out that vehicle data is required to be downloaded and stored from digital tachograph in accordance with legal obligations, obil While the data of the driver is stored on the driver card, the vehicle data is stored in the memory of the tachograph device. As TachoMobile, we have developed an Android based mobile application that can communicate with data cards connected to digital tachographs with electronic circuit cable and mobile card readers and share data with desired platform. Driving safety analysis can be done at the same time with the application. Zam

Car owners will be happy with this mobile app

Car data should be included on 365 day and archived on a digital basis and sent to STAUM once a month. Çiga gave the following information. Iyor The data can be downloaded in two ways depending on whether the vehicle is on your side or away. If the company card is with you, you are using the local data download cable, and not the remote data download cable. The critical issue here is that the owners do not want to give the company card to the drivers. Because the company card used with the vehicle can be identified and opened to any risk. All data of the tool can be downloaded. It is also extremely inconvenient in terms of data privacy. Our solution comes into play here. By plugging one end of the remote data download cable to the phone and the other end to the tachograph, the remote verification feature of the cable enables us to download and share vehicle data without using the company card. At the same time, the downloaded data is stored on our web platform cryptographically to be sent to STAUM. Aynı

The coins will remain in the pocket

Çiga emphasized that the application eliminates the necessity of using company card for each vehicle, the savings provided by the application mek In order to use remote verification technology, it is enough to install a software and a card reader developed by Tachomobile to a computer in the company's head office. The demands of all vehicles in the fleet come to this computer and verification can be done from this computer. We solved this problem and realized a first in the world. Company card expenses are enormous when considering the number of vehicles. We have developed the most economical and practical solution for the company owner and drivers. Şirket

The biggest bug in 33 bin crash is the driver errors

2019's 33 crash occurred in January in 68. Among the flaws, the driver errors with the 11 bin 55 are in first place. Stating that the tachograph devices control the speed of the vehicle and the use of the vehicle within the limits specified by the law, Çiga said that if the digital tachograph device is integrated with the data download solution, the driver errors can be minimized.

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