South Africa Railway Market

south africa railway market
south africa railway market

South African railways consist of three separate units. These; Transnet Freight Rail (Transnet Limited), PRASA and Gautrain Management Agency. If we examine them in order:


Gautrain is the 80 km long public transit transit system that connects Johannesburg, Pretoria and OR Tambo International Airport. It was built because Johannesburg's public transport infrastructure was limited to eliminate traffic congestion in the Johannesburg-Pretoria traffic corridor and to offer a viable alternative to road transport for passengers.

Gauteng, the 25 Annual Integrated Transport Master Plan, will enable the integration of transport with spatial patterns, as well as integration between various modes of transport to effectively transport people. 19's new Gautrain station was in the pipeline until May 2017. The Gautrain Management Agency plans to extend the 20 km route along the 150 year, including routes crossing Randburg, Fourways and Soweto. This expansion is expected to create jobs for 211.000 people.

March A feasibility study was published at 2017. This showed that in 2025 and 2037 çalışma the cost of not doing anything çalışma in the study state, which included Gauteng's demand model for determining transport needs, would cause the main road congestion at the average 2037 km / h due to the doubling of the number of stage cars at 15.
The feasibility study identified the following main connections and Gautrain railway network expansion stations. The station connecting Jabulani via Cosmo City and Mamelodi from Samrand includes Roodepoort, Little Falls, Fourways, Sunninghill, Olievenhoutsbosch, Irene, Tshwane East and Hazeldean. The connection between Sandton and Cosmo City has a station in Randburg. The connection between Rhodesfield and Boksburg will be a station at the East Rand Mall and possible connection with the development of the OR Tambo International Airport Midfield terminal. Cosmo City to Lanseria Airport in the future is considered a new connection.


Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) is the largest division of Transnet and has the goal of becoming one of the biggest principle 2020 companies in the world by 5. It is a world class heavy transport company specializing in transportation. TFR is active in 17 countries as well as Africa. TFR has made itself a profitable and sustainable freight rail business by helping to increase the competitiveness of the South African economy.

The company consists of the following six business units:

- Agricultural products and liquid transportation
- Coal transportation
-Container and Automotive transportation
- Iron Ore and Manganese Transportation
-Steel and Cement transport
-Mining transport
Transnet, an integral part of the South African economy;

- Each year carries 17% of the country's freight
-Exporting 100% of country coal
-Export 100% of iron ore
-% 30 of the core network,% 95 of freight volumes
-Annual income 14 billion Annuity = 961 million USD
- 35 billion Rant (2.4 billion USD) to invest in the next five years
There are 38.000 employees throughout the country.
In South Africa, the company has a large railway network with railway infrastructure that connects to other railway networks in the sub-Saharan region and represents 80% of Africa's total.

Freight Railway is moving from the last year of the seven-year Market Demand Strategy (MDS) to the Transnet 4.0 Strategy. This new strategy will include advanced operating models, geographical expansion, initiatives for market and customer TRANSNET Freight Rail 3 development. They aim to be supported by digital technologies that provide connectivity, data visibility, asset and information visibility in higher real-time decision-making. Collaboration and strategic partnerships with customers and logistics service providers are used to develop innovative integrated logistics solutions that produce improved supply chain value.

The total investment in the compatibility of the general freight transport business and the work that makes it possible is 2018 million Rant in 322.

Important ongoing work or programs include:

- Electrical work at Natcor;

- Opening of electronic locking systems in Bellville and

- Dissemination of automation points throughout the country.

Transnet acquired the new 219 locomotive (the 215 operation, which commenced operations in the fiscal year) for the overall freight business.

- 7,3 billion annuity was spent on locomotive contracts for the period under review.

- In the fiscal year 2018, a total of 2 billion annuity was spent to maintain the 600 1,8 locomotive fleet:

-169 locomotive (15E, 19E and 18E) underwent 392,9 million annuity revision programs;

- 59 derailed locomotives were repaired for 202,5 million Rant;

34 million annuity has been spent for the general maintenance programs of the 35 diesel locomotive (36GM and GE, 121,8GM and GE class locomotives). Also;

- 53,3 million annuity was spent on maintenance of passenger wagons.

- Planned and unplanned 801 annuity million was spent on maintenance of locomotives;

- 197 million Rant on maintenance and repair work due to cable theft, third party claims, minor changes and small component changes in various locomotives


Passenger Rail Agency South Africa (PRASA) offers suburban rail services in and out of South Africa for the public good. In consultation with DoT, the agency also provides long-distance passenger rail and bus services from South Africa and South Africa. PRASA is at the forefront of efforts to transform public transport in South Africa, along with railway services that form the backbone of the network. In the medium term, PRASA aimed to improve the safety and reliability and accessibility of railway services, including warehouses and stations, by maintaining and renovating existing train sets, acquiring new rolling stocks and investing in capital for the modernization and modernization of railway signaling and other infrastructure. In the 2017 / 18 fiscal year, large expenditure on the capital budget transferred to PRASA was directed to the modernization process to replace signaling systems, aging wagons and improving railway infrastructure. Over the next two decades, the rail vehicle fleet renovation program, which was the catalyst for the transformation of Metrorail as a whole as part of the Government's Comprehensive Railway Program, was a major success. The three main organizations of the Railway Renewal Program to be delivered in the medium term are as follows:

· Construction of test facilities, warehouses and test tracks was transferred to Gibela in June 2016.

· The production process of the 20 train set in Brazil was completed at August 2017 and the final sets reached Wolmerton Depot.

· Completion of the local production facility (Local Factory) to produce the 580 train set in Dunnottar, Nigel. Production activities have begun and two locally produced trains are expected to be delivered in December 2018.

PRASA transferred its new stock at Pienaarspoort to the Pretoria railway corridor on May 2017. The South African railway network, the largest 22.298 in the world with 11 km. It has a large net and has a total distance of 30.400 km.


Freight Rail is looking for new opportunities to join the private sector. These ;

- Development of common user facilities;

- Logistics centers and terminal development;

- Investment in railway systems to establish regional connections -

SvaziRail Link, Botswana Link and Waterberg Slow Motion Expansion;

- Concession procedures and rehabilitation of branch lines; and

- Bimodal technologies will increase volumes with intermodal solutions.

Rail system projects to increase sales volume in various sectors.
Continue new business developments in the fruit and FMC sectors.
Regional corridor development in cooperation with Transnet International Holdings.
Continue to increase regional volume through close cooperation with neighboring countries' railways.
4. The creation of competitive supply chains that are provided by the Industrial Revolution technologies with immediate focus on heavy transport lines.Dr. Contact Ilhami directly)

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