Sivas Ankara High Speed ​​Train Works 7 Day 24 Hour Continuous

sivas ankara high speed train runs day and hour
sivas ankara high speed train runs day and hour

📩 22/06/2019 16:11

Governor Salih Ayhan examined the 'High Speed ​​Train' road works that are under construction in Sivas and are planned to be implemented in 2020.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) conducted by the project's final status about Köklüce village Ayhan Governor knowledge of the area by visiting the site, "About 10 billion project value of Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project day 3 shift, 7 days 24 hours nonstop in progress. The project will reduce the transportation time between Sivas and Ankara to 2 hours. The first test drives are planned to be realized at the end of 2019 year and early 2020 year. We believe that the first voyages will start in the second half of 2020..

Reminding that he made continuous inspections at the project site, Governor Salih Ayhan said, “As Mr. President emphasized on February 8, we continue our efforts in accordance with that schedule and despite the difficult terrain conditions. This year there are extraordinary rains. Work between Yerköy-Sivas, Yerköy-Ankara continues intensely. There are only 5 tunnels in this area. 3 of them are over and 2 of them will be completed in the following stages. ”

Reminding that this is one of the places where TCDD General Directorate spends significant overtime, Governor Ayhan said, “Contractor companies are working with a great devotion. The people of Sivas should be good cheers. I believe that they will meet with the High Speed ​​Train after the second half of 2020. Unless there is an extraordinary obstacle before us, the calendar will continue accordingly. ”

Reminding that the transportation time between Sivas and Ankara will decrease to 2 hours, Governor Salih Ayhan said, “I believe that Sivas will experience a significant change in 2 issues with the realization of the high-speed train. It will experience changes both in socio-economic terms and in terms of social change. I think there will be a significant density in Sivas on weekends as the time distance between Sivas and Ankara is shortened. Our Sivas is already an open-air museum. I hope hotels and streets will be filled. Communication relations between Sivas and Ankara and Sivas and Istanbul will be further strengthened. ”

Emphasizing that the number of tourists coming to Sivas with YHT will increase exponentially, Governor Ayhan stated that Sivas should be ready for this and said, “An average of 600 thousand tourists come to Sivas annually. I think this figure can be up to 3 million with the high-speed train. ” used expressions.

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