Works Intensified During the Aslfat Season in Şanlıurfa

sanliurfada aslfat season work intensified
sanliurfada aslfat season work intensified

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs completed the construction of boulevards and hot asphalt boulevards are opened to traffic.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to relax the traffic of the city with the new road and boulevard works it has opened in the central and districts of Şanlıurfa, continues to bring the boulevards to the service of the public by bringing them together with hot asphalt. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, which aspired the connection between İbrahim Kgülüoğlu Boulevard and Çardaklıkaya, which eases the traffic density with the construction works of Narlıdere Viaduct and Köprülü Junction, which connects both sides of Karaköprü district, has now concentrated on the hot asphalt pavement on Beyazıt Boulevard.


The Metropolitan Municipality teams, which intensify the asphalt pavement on Beyazıt Boulevard, which is an alternative to Şanlıurfa - Diyarbakır Highway and the Maşuk Region, intensify the traffic significantly, and asphalt the street to the service of the people with the instructions of the Metropolitan Mayor Beyazgül.


In recent days, accelerated boulevard construction and asphalting work, expressing that they are quite satisfied with the drivers of the hot asphalt pavement carried out thanks to Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül.

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