Samsun-Batumi Railway Speed Kazanfinancial

samsun batum railway speed kazansmall
samsun batum railway speed kazansmall

The Samsun Sarp Railway line, which is very important for the Black Sea region, must be implemented.

Rize will be the future strategic base in Turkey.

The airport is here,

Will be able to host landings and takeoffs of heavy cargo cargo planes

And more importantly, with the introduction of the logistics center, Rize will go a long way.

In order to ensure the economic growth of Rize, the railway between Samsun and Batumi must be established.

Rize is the door of the Black Sea.

Logistics sector comes to the fore in the world. It will go a long way with the commissioning of the center in logistics in Rize.

As a result of the commissioning of this center, connections between production and consumption centers and ports and back regions should already be established.

In order to ensure Rize's economic growth, the Samsun-Batum Train Line must be established.

As Rize, work must be carried out at this level urgently.

The construction of the Railway Project in Erzincan, Gümüşhane and Trabzon is unfair to the provinces ranging from Samsun to Sarp.

Therefore, while the project is going to be made to include the Samsun-Sarp between the auction.

No one can explain the logic of a high-speed train to Trabzon, not to include Rize and Artvin after Trabzon.

It is the closest Sarp border gate to the Turkish Republics and Russia.

I think it will be more economical and convenient to transport by road by rail and by Rize from high speed.

The connection of the railway to the Southeast will also increase the importance of the Ovit Tunnel.

Since the high speed train will extend to Trabzon and from there to Rize and then to Batumi, this route will bring traffic congestion to a great extent as it will reduce the density on the Black Sea Coast Highway.

We are waiting. When the officials come into play, whatever has been said to be "no" until now has been. (Abdullah UZUN - kaçkarxnumx)

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