Demand for Investigation of Railway Accidents Rejected by AKP

refused to investigate accidents on railways
refused to investigate accidents on railways

Regarding the situation of railways and accidents, a proposal was made to the Assembly by the CHP Deputy President. The proposal was rejected by the votes of the AKP and MHP.

OdaTVAccording to the report of Hüreyra Oflaz; “The General Assembly of the Parliament convened under the chairmanship of the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Levent Gök. Following the meeting session of the “Çorlu Train Massacre Families” from the audience, upon the discussion of the proposal given by Engin Özkoç, Deputy Chairman of the Republican People's Party Group and Sakarya Deputy Engin Özkoç to determine the conditions and needs of the railways and the causes of the accidents.

Before being admitted to the audience, the families were given an information note titled “The Rules of Procedure of the TGNA Regarding the Audience”. In the note given, “Listeners, Article 169-Listeners are required to sit in silence in the places allocated to them during the continuation of the merger. The audience cannot express their thoughts in the talks in the direction of acceptance or rejection, applause or any movement. Those who do not comply with this prohibition are immediately taken out by those responsible for maintaining the order of that place ”.

Speaking on the administration rationale proposal CHP Adana Deputy Müzeyyen enthusiasm in Turkey in recent years, noting that human investment made should the investments of rent and profit is made, it's with the consequences, "the mining catastrophe in Turkey, in an accident that we live in the road and turned into nearly jobs murders business accidents yön to be faced with. “In this accident, the exemption of managers from this case is a very big handicap, the responsible must be punished. Unfortunately, our brothers and sisters who are among us today have been subjected to police pressure and pepper gas. The applications in these images have been applied to the families of those 25 souls who want to exercise their rights today, this is not acceptable. ”


Speaking on behalf of the Group of the Party GOOD noting that the words doubling of train accidents in Turkey in the last five years, Ankara Deputy Senol Sunat said; “22 In July 2004, the accelerated train that departs from Ankara to Istanbul - not a fast train - was overthrown by a derail near Pamukova, Sakarya, and 41 was killed in this accident. When asked what was thought about the resignation of the Minister of Transport 'I do not use the steering wheel that my brother' had made such a cynical speech, and you know that the majority of Parliament in the interrogation opened and you know that in the meantime, the General Directorate of State Railways Süleyman Karaman did not allow because Binali Bey ...

HDP Group on behalf of the Kocaeli deputy Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu Çorlu incident 'train accident' is not a train disaster, massacre, murder, stressing that, “Adam became the General Manager TCDD'ye, took the train. See what happened, I'm telling. The scissors are changed and taken in a different direction, and he asks the officials there, saying: 'Why did you break the steering wheel?' You made the guy who didn't even know that the scissors were changed from the headquarters, because you made the general manager. The number of staff has been reduced and the motivation of the staff has been lost. That's how people lost their motivation to work after seeing people coming to work with such a dude sergeant relationship. ”


Afterwards, Sivas Deputy Mehmet Habib Soluk, who took the floor on behalf of the AKP Group, claimed that the materials that caused the Çorlu Train Massacre were not cheap and of poor quality, and that they were in accordance with world standards. “Safety and security systems have been established on the railways and all security control systems are equipped with advanced technology. During the construction works of the railway route, the building inspection system and the planned on-site inspections made by the expert technical personnel of the General Directorate of TCDD are regularly checked, and when necessary, assistance is obtained from expert consultancy firms and universities in our country. KazanThe maintenance, repair and inspection works carried out on the train line where the train line takes place were also carried out continuously with the personnel of the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise and with road measurement and control machines.

Following the speeches, the AKP and MHP MPs rejected the research proposal by votes, and the Çorlu Train Massacre Families left the audience hall. Previously, the motion on the “Çorlu Train Massacre de was rejected.

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