Bridges and Highways Free

highways and tolls will be free until June
highways and tolls will be free until June

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, General Directorate of Highways (KGM) operated by motorways and bridges, 10 June will be free until 07.00 announced.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Ramadan holiday will begin as of tomorrow, so millions of people waiting for the road, he said.

Turhan said that all the highways and bridges operated by KGM will be free during the holiday holidays except for the bridges and highways built with the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model with the decision of the President.

“We took all the precautions”

Stressing that additional flights and road safety measures have been increased in the air and sea routes, Turhan stated that they expect to increase the traffic by 60-70 during the Ramadan Feast, especially during the holidays.

Turhan, due to the intensity of the road traffic in the road due to the Ministry of land, sea, air and railways, taking all the measures, stating said:

“The construction, maintenance and repair works on the routes under KGM responsibility will be kept to a minimum during the holiday. Following the weather and road conditions, the necessary measures will be taken quickly according to the changing and developing conditions. Roads with a decrease in the number of lanes due to reasons such as construction, maintenance and repair will be reviewed and all possible lanes will be opened to traffic. Our goal is to prevent road defects. It is also a fact that approximately 90 percent of traffic accidents are caused by driver error. That's why I want to warn our citizens to be careful. ”

Turhan pointed out that the citizens should get information about the road condition before they set off, “Our citizens can use the route analysis program on the KGM website. With this program, they can learn the most suitable routes and alternative roads as well as closed and working roads. They can also get information about road conditions from the free Alo 159 line. ” said.

Turhan, the citizens of purpose dual carriageways, yht on, stressing that Turkey is spread across the airport-reaching loved ones, he said:

“We have only one request from our citizens. They should pay more attention to the traffic rules that we should always obey, such as the feast, and they should not turn anyone's feast into pain. On this occasion, I wish accident-free and trouble-free days and congratulate everyone's Ramadan Feast with the most sincere wishes. ”



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