Railway Workshop Held at Ankara YHT Station

calistayi action was done in ankara yht garinda
calistayi action was done in ankara yht garinda

Transport and Infrastructure Ministry carried out under the responsibility of "Accessibility Project of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey" scope, the "Take Action Workshop" Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan and TCDD General Director Ali Ihsan appropriate with the participation of June 26, 2019 on Wednesday, Ankara YHT Station It was held at The Ankara Hotel.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan in his speech at the workshop, underlined that the project closely follow the work. Turhan emphasized that they are carrying out the project because of the responsibility of the transportation and communication services, and since 2003, a period of revolutionary steps has been taken in the field of disability.

Stating that the Disabled Services Department was established in 2012 in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for the coordination of disabled services, Minister Turhan: We have been working on these issues for years. We have built platforms, ramps, special tolls and disabled points to make the station and station buildings suitable for the disabled. We implemented designs suitable for disabled people in Marmaray and high speed trains (YHT). We have ensured that our hearing-impaired citizens, who have smartphones or cameras, can receive services from TCDD via a link. We allowed the passengers with a disability rate of 40 percent and above to travel free of charge only with him and the severely disabled passenger with a disability rate of 50 percent and above, and himself and his companion free of charge. In this way, 1 million 100 thousand disabled citizens traveled in YHT and main line regional trains last year. ” said.

After the speeches, Turhan presented a plaque to the names contributing to the project, and presented a plaque and flowers to the swimming champion Sümeyye Boyacı, members of Aşk Olsun Music Group and disabled ballet dancer Mehmet Sefa Öztürk.

After the ceremony, Turhan sent farewell to Konya for a one-day trip with YHT, who made the Ankara-Konya expedition, and our disabled and elderly citizens.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister M.Cahit Turhan farewell from Ankara by the party, Konya Station was met by Konya Metropolitan Municipality officials.

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