Prometeon Launches a Brand New Website for Commercial Vehicles Users

prometeondan launches a brand new website for commercial vehicles users
prometeondan launches a brand new website for commercial vehicles users

Improve the service and expert solutions with the management of tire maintenance, Pirelli premium industrial and commercial tires licensed manufacturer Prometeo of Turkey by signing a policy in the sector fleet professionals from Turkey, resellers and specialized knowledge and experience sharing platform for master driver "I Yoluzmanı.co”Has been implemented.

Pirelli brand trucks, buses, agricultural and OTR tires to a licensed manufacturer Prometeo Turkey's fleet of professionals that are in close contact with the tire industry, dealers and offer exclusive content to veteran driver and a new generation platform aims to share "Yoluzmanı.co I" offered u service.

Opened in April “I Yoluzmanı.coUsta allows skilled drivers, dealers and fleet professionals to easily access hundreds of content in different categories, from tire use to driving experience, fleet management to travel advice. In addition, daily information needs such as fuel saving calculation tool for fleet managers and drivers, closest recreational facilities, legislation database, road condition, current fuel prices can be met via the platform.

Gökçe Şenocak: “I We continue to stand by the master drivers all the time ile
As a company, customers of the road experience to share and become conscious about the tires very caring stated that they Prometeo in Turkey, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus Commercial Director Gokce Şenocak platform about said:

“As Prometeon, we aim not only to be with our customers, but also with our products and services and with our experience. 'I Yoluzmanı.co We started off with the idea of ​​how to perfect the journey experiences of our master drivers during the formation phase of the idea. We listened to both what they needed during their journey and what information they wanted to access and share. While preparing the contents of the platform, we tried to understand the needs of our customers by meeting one-on-one with our master drivers, fleet professionals and business partners.

Eventually, it went beyond traditional communication channels, a platform that interacts with the digital channel. I He was born. It is the only page in the digital channel specially designed for commercial vehicle users. I Our goal is to provide all the information our master drivers may need during their journeys from a single platform and to perfect their journey by informing them about the tire. From this perspective we created I The platform is a first in the industry with wide content and infrastructure. This makes us very excited. ”

Opportunity to share experiences instantly with Sorun Ask Road Expert ”section
The Sorun Ask the Road Expert ”section on the platform provides the opportunity for drivers to share their experiences under all conditions. The Sorun Ask the Road Expert ”section also provides answers to drivers' questions about the product or road experience.

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