Optifuel Challenge 2019 Records

optifuel challenge again
optifuel challenge again

Renault Trucks Optifuel Challenge, a biennial competition organized by driving Turkey's semi-final was completed. Omar Yaman competing on behalf of Aktur International Transport, was the first by achieving the lowest fuel consumption in the competition stage. Omer Yaman, which will take place in Lyon, France in October 25 participating countries will represent Turkey in the international finals.

The 2019 driver from the 25 country for the fifth Optifuel Challenge held at the 2.000 was at the wheel for less fuel consumption. Semi-finals of each country were completed in the competition, which draws attention to the importance of fuel saving. semi-final qualifiers in Turkey, 12-21 with Michelin tires of cooperation between June and was held in Mersin. The 71drive struggled for economic driving.

Struggle in Mersin

After the preparation day on June 11, where the rules of the competition were shared, the drivers started on June 12. Each driver drove on a specially selected 40 km track in Mersin. The record fuel consumption of the competition was 100 liters per 21.5 km. In the competition that ended on June 21, Ömer Yaman, who competed on behalf of Aktur International Transport with this record, came first, while Olcay Ecevit on behalf of Erman Nakliyat, by catching 100 liters of fuel per 22 km, deserved the second place. kazanwas. Metin Aktaş, from Transaktaş company, came in third with a fuel consumption value of 100 liters per 22.3 km.

Professionals exhibiting the most economical driving performance of the competition also deserve Michelin Turkey's awards. kazanwas. After the race, in which Renault Trucks T 520 High Cab tractors with Michelin X Line Energy Series tire equipment were used, 6 Michelin tire awards were presented to the first place, 4 to the second and 2 to the third.

At the award ceremony of the competition announcement of the results, Renault Trucks Turkey President Sebastian Delepine, drew attention to the importance of the industry in fuel economy. Delepine stated that Renault Trucks has made uninterrupted R & D investments in order to develop the most ideal fuel solutions in the transportation sector. “As Renault Trucks, fuel saving is one of our most important issues in our policy of developing environmentally friendly technologies and in our approach to total cost of ownership of our customers. At 2019, we continue to produce the most efficient and clean technologies from electric vehicles to diesel engines and alternative fuels. We continue our efforts to make our diesel engines, which are the only fuel alternatives in the long-haul segment, even more efficient and cost-effective. As a result, a Renault Trucks tow truck can achieve an average savings of 10 per cent, while the use of vehicles in operations is of paramount importance. Therefore, the training of the drivers is also important. In all of these issues, we draw attention to fuel savings by organizing the Optifuel Challenge competition. We are proud to be a part of this competition in Turkey. We would like to congratulate Ömer Yaman, the winner of this year's competition for Aktur International Transport. We wish them to return the award to the grand finale of Turkey. "

The Michelin Turkey Marketing Director of Renault Trucks Ayşem Suner expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation of making such a special project; “As Michelin, we continue our fuel-saving commitment with the X Line series, which we offer in the heavy-duty tires segment. In this direction, being part of the Optifuel Challenge organized by Renault Trucks supports our strategy. ”

Michelin Turkey Trucks Product Technical Manager Recep while flying; “In the X Line series; While 20 offers more mileage life compared to previous energy series, 100 can save fuel up to 2 liters per kilometer.

Aktur International Transport, in October at the grand final in Lyon

On behalf of Aktur, Turkey's winner, Ömer Yaman will compete with the winners of 24 other countries in the international final to be held in Lyon in October. 25 finalists, including Turkey, will complete the stage for the lowest fuel consumption with Renault Trucks T 480 High Cab Maxispace tractors equipped with the Fuel Eco+ package, after the written test on economical driving. The world leader in providing the best fuel consumption without sacrificing commercial speed, one of the tractors used in the race. kazanwill ache.

Countries participating in the competition

Belgium, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Algeria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Morocco, France, Spain, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Chile, Turkey, Tunisia and Ukraine

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