İZDENİZ's Mordoğan and Foça Expeditions Start

Mordogan and Foca Expeditions
Mordogan and Foca Expeditions

İZDENİZ's Mordoğan and Foça Expeditions Start: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has turned its route in sea transportation into the city's favorite holiday resorts with the summer season. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started the Urla ferry service in the past weeks, will also make flights to Foça and Mordoğan from June onwards.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has started a fast, comfortable and safe journey period with new ships in sea transportation, starts Foca and Mordoğan flights from 15 June Saturday. Especially scheduled for the day-to-day holiday and sightseeing in Izmir, scheduled flights to Saturday and Sunday will be held twice a week.

Morning at 08.25 KarşıyakaIZDENIZ ships will depart from Konak pier before taking passengers to Mordogan, and then will move to Foca. The first departure time for holidaymakers from Mordoğan was 18.50. Ships that will get up from Foca at 19.30 once again to Mordoğan, at 20.00 at Konak and Mordoğan Karşıyaka direction.

Karşıyaka Konak Mordoğan and Foca Sefer Fees

Karşıyaka- One-way fare for Konak-Foça-Mordoğan flights 18 TLIs the one-way fare between Foça and Mordoğan 12 TL to be applied.


Mordogan and Foca Sefer times
Mordogan and Foca Sefer times


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