Metro Istanbul Supplier Meeting Held

Metro Istanbul Supplier Meeting
Metro Istanbul Supplier Meeting

Metro Istanbul is not only an operator with its size and potential in the Urban Rail System Management sector it serves; is also a major buyer in the spare parts, manufacturing and service sectors. When we look at the future vision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it is seen that this position will increase further.

Only existing 844 rail system vehicles and 158 stations work with many suppliers to ensure smooth and uninterrupted service and relations are established with new suppliers every day. For this reason, an introductory meeting was held under the motto “Together We are Strong” with the aim of explaining the current situation of Metro Istanbul, its future vision and projects, and sharing the target of quality products at affordable prices with domestic and national production conditions.

The meeting, which was held in the Esenler campus central workshop building, was attended by the senior management of the company, procurement experts and invited supplier company representatives close to 400. Following the presentation of the company to the guests, Assistant General Managers Pınar Karim and Ufuk Yalçın and Purchasing Manager İlyas Afan Özaydın presented the company's new vision, future plans, domestic and national projects to the guests. Then, General Manager Kasım Kutlu, taking the floor, evaluated the position of Metro Istanbul from the past to the present within the framework of the situation in which our country is in the present, explaining the importance of supporting domestic production to the guests, the position and willingness of Metro Istanbul on this issue and saying that “We are Strong Together slogan as a slogan. made a speech emphasizing the necessity of our country to realize and benefit from it. Following the speech of the General Manager, the speeches and question and answer part of those who wanted to take the floor from the guests were held.

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