Free Shuttle Service to Cemetery Visit in Manisa

free service
free service

📩 02/06/2019 12:53

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Ramadan Feast of the people of the cemetery to make a smooth visit to the cemetery to make a free service to the Kirtık Cemetery. Within the scope of the application, starting from the stop-turn, the 09.00-19.00 hours will be transported to the Kirtık Cemetery.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality has launched a free shuttle service for citizens who will visit the cemeteries during Ramadan. Hüseyin Üstün, Head of Transportation Department of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, made a statement on the subject. between the start and end stops determined between the hours of round-trip transport will be made every hour, belirlen he said.

Free shuttle routes

1-Bozköycami Station-Bozköy Venev Station-Children's Branch Stop-Malta Bim Station-Maltese Greenhouse Station-Halil Yurtseven Station-Cafe Sera Stop-Ulupark Station-Kuyumcular Çarşısı-Hatuniye Mosque Stop-Alaybey Stop-Kırtık Cemetery,

2-Yapek Durağı-Akmescit Stop-Dış Mahalle Durağı-Karaköy Hamam Stop-Murat German Stop-Sultan Front Stop-Eski Köylü Garage Stop-Water Depot Stop-Necatibey Stop-Alaybey Bridge Stop-Alaybey Police Station-Kırtık Cemetery,

3-Grand Medical Station-Horozköy Gas Station-Horozköy Market Place Station-Horozköy Office Station-Horozköy Carsi Station-Oz Saruhan Bulvari Savasch Market Stop-Lale Square Passenger Brothers Stop-Halit Gorgulu Primary School Stop-Tekcam Stop-8 Eylül Primary School Stop-Barbaros PTT Station- Station Station-Mental Hospital Stop- Kırtık Cemetery,

4-Sports High School Stop-Toki 2 Stop-Panorama Site Bim Stop-Prestij Life Site Stop-Cukurova Chemistry Stop-Ceren Club Stop-Olimpik Havuz Durağı-Laleli Fishing Stop-ETV Stop-Saruhan Hotel Stop-Manisa High School Stop-Cultural Sites Against Telekom Stop -First Courthouse Stop-Kitap Sarayı Durağı-Military Office Stop-Station Station-Tariş Stop-Kırtık Cemetery,

5-Kuşlubahçe Dolmuş Station-Kuşlubahçe Bim Station-Kuşlubahçe Exit Station-Eski Garaj Petrol Station-Ticaret High School Stop-Zirve Bakery Station-aynali Station-Erler Street Stop-Kuyumcular Bazaar-Alaybey Durağından Kırtık Cemetery.

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