EIA Process Started for Kocaeli Tram Line Extension Project

kedeli tram line extension project started ced process
kedeli tram line extension project started ced process

📩 14/06/2019 15:09

Governorship of Kocaeli, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Surveying and Projects Department of Surveying and Planning will be made by the Directorate of 393 million TL project cost 'Kocaeli Tram Line Extension Project' announced that the EIA process has started.


In addition to the existing tram line in the Tramway Extension Project, Kuruçeşme 1620, which is 1 meter long, is the first of the lines to be constructed. Stage Line will be built, then the 3060 meters long City Hospital line, 1340 meters long Kuruçeşme 2. The project will be completed by constructing the stage line and finally the 5700 meter stadium line.


According to the information obtained, according to the statement made about the project, “It will be inevitable that natural resources will be affected from the works to be carried out in the project areas. The necessary measures to minimize these impacts were reviewed at the project stage. During these studies, it is planned to move the trees on the routes to another point instead of cutting them. Within this scope, it is planned to carry 361 tree on Stadium line and 93 tree on City Hospital line. Since these effects will only be temporary during the construction phase, these regions will be transformed to their natural appearance during the operation phase ç.


Regarding the EIA process of the Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, ediy Our Municipality has no obstacles in line with the provisions of the master plan and plan provisions of Sekapark-Plajyolu, Plajyolu-Kuruçeşme, City Hospital and Stat Tram Extension Lines within the boundaries of Izmit district. ”. (Source: Kocaelifik is)

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