Loss of İSPARK in the Court of Accounts Report

In the report of the loss report
In the report of the loss report

📩 09/06/2019 10:55

Binali Yildirim, 'Why, I do not understand, I do not understand' said in the SPARK only 225 parking lot 52'nin licensed, advertising units are operating illegally and provided free access to deputies was determined by the Court of Accounts.

The Court of Accounts revealed that the ISPARK affiliated to IMM, which the AKP candidate for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) candidate Binali Yıldırım said, "Why is it hurting, I do not understand?"

According to the Court of Accounts Report, at the ISPARK under the AKP management, the advertising units in the car parks were operated improperly, tens of unlicensed car parks were put into operation, and free parking facilities were given to the deputies.

SözcüAccording to the report of Ali Ekber Ertürk from the SAI, the following finding was included in the ISPARK report:


“It has been determined that some of the open and closed car parks operated by İSPARK continue their activities without a license. As such, indoor and outdoor car parks operated by İSPARK must be licensed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 225 indoor and outdoor parking lots İSPARK A.Ş. Although only 52 of them have been licensed and 74 of them have been opened, the licensing process has not been completed yet. The remaining parking lots continue their activities without a license. ”


In the report, Metro İstanbul A.Ş., the municipal subsidiaries of the Metropolitan Municipality Council. and Bus Inc. It was pointed out that although the operation of the parking areas within its body was transferred to ISPARK, the operation of the billboards in these areas was not carried out by İSPARK. The report also included information that some of the advertising units in the car parks were operated by these subsidiaries or that their operations were transferred by these institutions.


In the TCA report, it was determined that there were important irregularities regarding the free use of parking services. It was stated that the loss suffered by İSPARK in 2017 due to free parking was 2 million 776 thousand 508 TL.

In the report, “In the 2017 Fees Tariff of the Metropolitan Municipality, regulations contrary to the legislation are included, provided that one of the MPs of the last election period, 1 vehicle of the muhtars within the boundaries of the IMM, 1 member of the IMM council and district council members, and registered them to ISPARK up to 3 vehicles. It is stated that they can benefit from the parking lots for free ”.

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