Industrialists Requested Support from Minister for Kocaeli Metro

industrialists asked for support from the minister for Kocaeli metro
industrialists asked for support from the minister for Kocaeli metro

The most important request of the industrialists in our city was the metro from the Minister of Transport, Cahit Turhan, in the June Assembly of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO). KSO President Zeytinoğlu stated that the metro project between Körfez - Köseköy should be tendered by the ministry and stated that the metropolitan city could not afford the project, which cost 10 billion TL.

Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO) June parliamentary meeting yesterday took place in the parliamentary hall under the presidency of Hasan Tahsin Tugrul. The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan was the guest of the Assembly this month. The program also Governor Hüseyin Aksoy, Kocaeli Mayor Tahir Büyükkakın, AK Party Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ellibeş, Gulf Chamber of Commerce President Recep Ozturk Kocaeli Chamber of Industry President Ayhan Zeytinoglu, board members and members of parliament participated. Kocaeli Chamber of Industry President Ayhan Zeytinoğlu asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan to contribute to the Gulf-Köseköy Metro Line Project which costs 10 billion TL. Zeytinoğlu demanded support for the financing of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality by saying that it cannot handle this cost.

Ayhan Zeytinoğlu, President of KSO, who took the first word in the Assembly meeting, said: “In May; Export 15 billion 998 million dollars. We find that the increase in exports above 10 is very important. Import 17,7 billion dollars. Mr. Minister Kocaeli is the third province that meets 11,82 of the taxes collected after Istanbul and Izmir. In 2018, our province paid 73 billion 451 million TL tax. We pay taxes more than the total of 71 provinces. The tax income per person is 38 thousand 529 TL. The province that provides the highest amount of income to the state is Kocaeli. Government expenditure per capita in Kocaeli is 3 thousand 767 TL.

Istanbul receives twice the income and corporate tax paid to Kocaeli. There is also a serious loss of our Metropolitan Municipality. Many major intersections, at least 50 of the road investment, are financed by our taxpayers and the rest is covered by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is making the necessary investments for highways. However, our province has difficulty in financing these investments. We constantly communicate our demands regarding the investments of infrastructure, highway, metro to our ministers. We have made significant progress in this respect with your contributions.

Kocaeli City Hospital project will be completed next year and will be operational. An intersection and a light rail transportation system project was constructed in the hospital area. The construction of the intersection project was undertaken by the General Directorate of Highways. We demand that this project begin as soon as possible. A protocol has been signed between the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of TEM Side Roads for Gebze Organized Industrial Zones. The project consists of the 3 stage and the bridges of the first stage have been decided by the General Directorate of Highways and the side roads by the ENT.

Within the scope of the first phase of the project, the tender of 6 bridges was made by the Highways, but the production has not yet started. In order to protect the integrity of the project, we request that the side road constructions are also included in the scope of the Highways and tenders are tendered. On the other hand; In order to solve the traffic in Izmit, we recommend the similar ferry services between Harem and Sirkeci between Degirmendere and Korfez racetrack. We think that the land is suitable for these expeditions. We would like to state that we may also wish to operate as a Chamber if necessary.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has initiated works for the establishment of metro line in our province with its own resources. These projects; Metro Line Project between Gebze Organized Industrial Zone and Gebze Center-Darıca; 15,6 has a length of km. The total cost of this project is around 5 billion TL. It is met by metropolitan municipality. Subway - Korfez - Metro Line Project; 37 km length is approved by the Ministry and the approximate cost is around 10 billion TL. When other investment projects of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality are taken into consideration, it seems difficult to overcome this cost. For this reason, we want the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to award the Metro Metro Line Project between Körfez and Köseköy ve and put it in the budget and provide financing.

The preliminary project for connecting the subway line from Sahiba Gökçen Airport to our Gebze district is Metro A.Ş. and metropolitan. However, it is not yet clear which parts of this project will be carried out by whom. We would like to request that the subway line construction project be tendered by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and that it will be financed by the budget. Also; We recommend that the metro line, which was built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and extended to Tuzla, be extended first to our Gebze district and then to Izmit with an integrated system. 900 has a population of one thousand people. Every day, 1,5 transports thousands of people with transportation vehicles. This project will contribute significantly to traffic, energy costs and the environment.

The third and fourth railway lines of the high-speed train line passing through our region were included in the plans. Tender was done. Under construction. According to the information we received from TCDD; 3 which continues between Gebze and Izmit. and 4. Due to the problems encountered in the construction of the tunnels under Osmangazi Bridge and Hereke in the construction of the lines, the completion period was postponed towards the end of the year. For medium-long term freight transportation; We recommend another line parallel to the North Marmara and South Marmara Motorways. On the other hand, awning line works were initiated for the OIZ and ports. Within this scope, TCDD and our Chamber visited 10 and 3 OIZ. Negotiations with ports are completed. Dubai Port and Route connection projects were approved and the works started.

In 2011, Cengiz Topel Airport was opened to civil aviation. The number of flights is still very inadequate. 3-4 From our airport serving East Marmara provinces, we wish to have regular daily flights to our city. We are ready to put our hands under the stone as rooms ”


Kocaeli Mayor Tahir Büyükakın said, “Our President of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry said everything we need to say. But I'm sure I didn't say it, Mr. Secretary. We will come to you for the project and demand from you. This city has very serious logistic support. We are the first to make a logistics master plan. We finished in 2016. The Northern Marmara motorway will make a significant contribution to this city. It is very important for us to use the TEM highway as a ring road. The handling capacity of our ports for foreign trade targets should be increased. But we take care not to fill the harbor. After the high speed train line to be built on North Marmara, the current train line is very important for port load. If a suburban system such as İZBAN is used in logistics traffic, the burden of the city will be taken. We need to build the Marmara basin as a whole. It is better to transfer the tankers to the inner regions by sea transport instead of using the inner roads of the city. ”


Governor Huseyin Aksoy, "Kocaeli, Turkey comes from the province offering economic contributions", saying the issues needed to address Kocaeli Industry Chamber President and ended his speech by stating that until the Mayor. Then the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan said: “The heart of industry and trade. I am very happy to be in Kocaeli, the production center of our country. We are going through very important developments in our country and our region in the world. Opinions about the deepest crisis is reported. If you want to deal with politics or let us be industrialists ignoring these events can not do any job healthy. There are countries that want to determine the trade with the logic of colony.

If we had completed the transportation infrastructure in time, we would have been living in a very different country. Sea, air, land and rail passes through our country. Could it be greater than that? we have signed a historical decision in this country, we have started transportation mobilization. We have made our road network much stronger with split highways. We have put rail transport back in our focus. We've renewed the pristine lines. We offered passenger and freight transportation services with High Speed ​​train projects. We made the airway the way of the people. We liberalized air transport and spread the air transport network throughout the country.


Kocaeli is on the transition corridor between Europe and the Middle East and has a great advantage with its proximity to Istanbul. The production contribution of 13 percent demonstrates this situation. The share of industry in economic activities is as important as 51. It has the potential to continue its development with the advantages it provides on land-sea and railways. The wide variety of transportation options and the proximity to the 3 airport make Kocaeli attractive. The Gulf is a natural harbor and provides access to the inner parts of Anatolia. After Istanbul, large enterprises prefer Kocaeli. So far we have invested 25 billion 280 million TL in Kocaeli. We integrated Kocaeli into the world in terms of transportation ”

Turkey's 2. Minister Turhan noted that the negative consequences of the inability to switch to national production after World War II, said, “Look, the Second World War ended in 1945. With the end of the war, we see the world being reshaped politically and commercially. If in those years, we rather prefer to be market ready for one of our own resources, if we had opted to produce manpower, ie local and national production if we had, industrial chimneys our tüttürs we, our transportation infrastructure güçlendirs we could, we would today be living in a very different Turkey . Of course it's not a dream. Because we live in such a geography that we are at the intersection of the three continents, because we are on the important trade corridors, we are almost a natural logistics center. We are not only between east and west, but also between north and south on a global scale. Do you say sea, land, air, air, rail, all possible. Could that be a big asset? You, the esteemed industrialists, will know better what all this means. Because if production is the first step for an industrialist for a manufacturer, it is the second and third step to get it to the market in the safest and cheapest way ”

Gebze-Sabiha Gökçen-Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge-Istanbul Airport-Halkalı Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, also made a statement about the High Speed ​​Rail Project and said: iz We will also implement the railway project which is critical for Kocaeli. He also Gebze-Sabiha Gökçen-Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge-Istanbul Airport-Halkalı Fast Rail project. This line will constitute one of the most important links of the European connection of the part of the Silk Railway route passing through our country. We completed the survey-project studies at the Gebze-Sabiha Gökçen Airport-Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge-Istanbul Airport section. We plan to participate in the construction tender within the budget. In addition, we started the project works by delivering space at 118 kilometer Istanbul Airport-Çatalca section. 22 / 1 scale studies have been approved and 25.000 / 1 scale project studies are continuing. We opened the Cengiz Topel Airport, which is called the non-opening of the industrial city of Kocaeli, in 5.000. We started scheduled flights. Cengiz Topel Airport to Trabzon Airport 2011 day of the week is organized mutual flights. Again, we carried out very important studies in the field of maritime. We have developed ferry services, ferry services and built many fishing shelters. ”

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