IETT's Metrobuses for 65 Million Euros Corrode in the Garage

iettnin million euros in the garage curusses taken
iettnin million euros in the garage curusses taken

Former Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Kadir Topbaş 2008 year without the creation of a competitive environment and delivery to the address of the APTS firm Holladan 65 million euros for the metrobus taken in some junkyards, some rode once a day.

One dayAccording to the news of Ugur Sahin; The full 4 bus price of the bellows bus is expensive, one of them is the 1 million 260 thousand euros metrobüslerini between Beylikdüzü and Zincirlikuyu will serve. However, despite the opposition and scientists expressed that these tools are not appropriate to the physical conditions of Istanbul, the vehicles received often began to fail. Then, the vehicles in question are Cevizlioperated between bonds; additional equipment was installed, but the result did not change.


According to the information provided by Hakkı Sağlam, the CHP member of the IMM Assembly, 50 is currently making the 15 from the vehicle. But Scott based showpiece for this time ... Received the buses has been a remarkable waste of public resources CHP Scott, said: "These goods defective goods, after this period has been wire, we filed a lawsuit saying not suitable to conditions in Turkey. After us, İETT filed a lawsuit against the company. 'Original spare parts are not supplied', 'was not delivered in time', 'I did not use in time' saying. We filed a lawsuit in 2009, IETT 2011. When they filed a lawsuit, IETT said, 'I have 30 million losses.' This is a very important figure… The first expert report was given in 2012. The first expert report prepared by the teachers of the Department of Engineering at Istanbul University said that the damage was 198 million. If that money had been charged that day, 10 would have made a million dollars. Today, an expert report is requested for the 5. And 17 million pounds is still valid, today 17 million is taken 3 million-odd dollars ... In this respect, the damage is great ... APTS company sank, this receivable is not possible to be collected. ”


Sağlam continued his words as follows: “Immediately after these buses were purchased, additional systems were installed and strengthened. One of them is burned, and the 3 is not available at all. The rest of them serve each other in the morning and in the evening and retreat to the garage. He's standing in the garage right now, but they work morning and night. Only part of it goes out. Running vehicle 4, not more. But the important thing is how many hours it works, it doesn't work every hour, but there is a problem here if it's only served in the morning. ”


Hakkı Sağlam, who reminded that former Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality President Kadir Topbaş was acquitted from the file, concluded his words as follows: “Topbaş came to the hearing once, gave his statement, the judge gave his decision and was acquitted. Then the judge retired. So we told the court, '16. IETT has its own lawsuit in the Commercial Court of First Instance, see public damage, look at it and decide. ' But they decided without looking. The Supreme Court overturned it, but there is no decision yet. ”


• Total 65 million euros paid. The process started at 2006 and the vehicles were delivered at 2008 and 2009.

• CHP, only on flat terrain; as a result of the purchase of these vehicles that can not climb uphill, the public has filed a criminal complaint for the crime of harm and abuse. Interior Minister Beşir Atalay of the period, 18 June 2010'da 'not processing' decided.

• The Council of State 1.Dairesi removed the decision not to process and gave permission to investigate.

• Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office 15 decided on September 2011 that there is 'no room for prosecution'. This decision was removed on appeal. Istanbul 31. Criminal case was opened in the Magistrates' Court.

• The file in the Court of First Instance and the Criminal Court was merged. 10 July 2013 has been issued a decree.

• IETT from Istanbul University Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Prof. İlhan Kocaaraslam and Prof.Dr. Dr. Sıddık Yarman'a prepared 9 August 2010 dated report, only because of the automatic driving system 7 million 475 thousand TL was found to be damaged.

• IETT objection to the report by finding 18 million public losses in the expert report.


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