Another International Award for IMM's Smart Recycling Container

another international award to the smart recycling container
another international award to the smart recycling container

📩 13/06/2019 13:48

The “Smart Recycling Container di, which was implemented by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of Zero Waste vision, received another award. Public Transport International, the largest event in the world of public transport in the area of ​​Summit and Fair "Turkey UITP Regional Awards" for the project 400 race. IMM's 100 smart container project realized at different points received the best project award for encouraging recycling and public transportation.

The “Smart Recycling Container geliştiril developed by ISBAK, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is also highly appreciated internationally. 100 placed in different locations across Istanbul, collects 8 2 months back about a half million pieces of waste, saving applications to both environmental Istanbul, "Turkey UITP Regional Awards" were selected the best projects.

9-12 2019-63, the world's largest public transport event, was held in Stockholm, Sweden between June 80. 373, 15 company from different countries participated in the fair, where XNUMX was held this year. More than a thousand exhibitors visited XNUMX, the fair which attracted the most attention from the companies and showed the latest products.

Summit scope of "Turkey UITP Regional Awards Ceremony" was held. The industry's most prestigious award competitions from Turkey and the world 400 shown in the project application was made. As a result of the evaluation made by the expert jury, ISBAK's subsidiary BB Smart Recycling Container ”was awarded with the best project award. Application; Emphasis was placed on both the promotion of recycling awareness and the ability to encourage public transport by loading money into Istanbulkart.

Founded in 1885, consisting of public transport operators, central administrations, local administrations, industry organizations, research centers, academics and consultants from 100 different countries, UITP, which is a member of more than 1700 institutions worldwide, is the largest organization in the world in the public transportation sector. UITP, with its headquarters in Brussels, has offices in Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul, Rome, Sao Paulo, Ivory Coast, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Astana, New York, Johannesburg, Singapore and Canberra.

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