Surprise Bus Station Senders to Bayram Passengers from IMM

ibbden feast of passengers
ibbden feast of passengers

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 9 daily Ramadan feast for the citizens who will spend the holidays outside Istanbul this year as the annual bus fare organizers organized traditional farewell. Farewell to the citizens on both sides of the early feast of joy was alive.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Public Relations started its activities before the day. Citizens who took the path of the bus station to spend the holidays outside of Istanbul met with surprise. The farewells organized in the European and Asian side of the bus station touched the citizens.

15 July Martyrs, Harem, Alibeykoy, Samandıra Bus Station, as well as the departure of passengers from Sabiha Gokcen Airport was also done for the passengers. Public relations experts on the platforms, buses, celebrating the feast of the citizens of the holiday presents a sense of emotional feast to the passengers.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Public Relations did not forget the children who were on the holiday. The public relations professionals made the children happy with the toys, so that the children could enter the festival with joy. The people who were happy because of the travel set, the holiday treats and the sincere approach prepared for them, thanked the administration of IMM for their fine activities.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Public Relations will continue 7 / 24 uninterrupted operations through expert communication teams. Commemoration programs in the martyrs along with bus stops are going to be in the service of citizens throughout the feast.

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