The Cleaning of Söke Municipality in the area of ​​TCDD was appreciated

tcdd the municipality of soke gathered his appreciation in the region
tcdd the municipality of soke gathered his appreciation in the region

The railroad passing through the Atatürk Quarter of Söke and the surrounding area belong to TCDD. Citizens rebellious citizens who have not been cleaning for a long time, increased complaints from the municipality. Thereupon the Mayor of Söke Levent Tuncel, while listening to the voice of citizens; did not listen to the responsibility area, directed the teams around the railway. Söke Municipality's team of women workers carried out extensive cleaning work around the railway. Dried herbs were cut, and the trees were whitewashed beside the pruning.

Atatürk Mahallesi Adnan Kahveci Street and Turgut Ozal Boulevard between the growing grass growing on the road, the city was unworthy of images. Especially citizens living in the environment react to this situation, the citizens of this rightful response Söke Municipality did not remain insensitive. State Democracy (TCDD) in the area under the responsibility of the cleaning team was initiated by the Söke Municipality teams.

Citizens, especially in social media, full of reactions to the message, the service of the Municipality of Soke left full of happiness expressing thanks.

On the other hand, in the center of Sazlı neighborhood, although the middle median belongs to the Highways, it was cleaned by the Söke Municipality teams upon the intensive demand from the citizens.

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