Easy Access to Cemeteries via EGO Buses

easy access to cemeteries with ego buses
easy access to cemeteries with ego buses

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken all the necessary measures all over the city in order for the capitalists to spend the Ramadan Feast in confidence and peace, will continue to work with many units such as EGO, ASKİ and the Blue Table.


EGO's buses, rail systems and ropeway line will be free of charge during the feast, so that the capitalists can make their visits easily and have access to the places they want.

Citizens will be able to benefit from the 4 June 06.00 on 6 June Thursday to 23.59 free of charge by the municipality's public transportation vehicles without using the Ankarakart and credit cards.

With the EGO Cepte application, the bus will be able to find out what stops and when the mobile phones will be downloaded and the citizens will be able to reach the destination without waiting.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate made arrangements for the citizens who want to visit the cemetery to visit the relatives easily.

For citizens wishing to go to Sincan Çimşit Cemetery, EGO, which will organize one 30 trip every minute from Tulip Square, Karşıyaka For the citizens who want to go to the cemetery, 210 Hospital Metro- Karşıyaka Graveyard arttır will increase the number of flights on the line and will carry passengers all day long 15.

Capitalists who want to go to Ortaköy Cemetery will be able to use the Kızıl 359 Gökçeyurt-Ortaköy-Kızılcaköy-Mamak-Ulus gitmek line. EGO, during the visit to the cemetery of the citizens during the cemetery will also be organized by the bus for the day round buses.


The “ALO 153 Blue Table”, which has a communication bridge between the Metropolitan Municipality and the capital city and solves the problems by getting all kinds of opinions from the citizens, will serve 7/24 at Ramadan. ASKİ General Directorate is also one of the units that will continue to serve Ankara residents during the holidays. will continue to give.

Regional Directorates in 25 districts affiliated to the Water and Channel Operation Department will also work 7/24 without interruption during the feast. In case of urgent need, citizens will be able to reach ASKİ through the “ALO 153 Blue Table”.


Those who spend their holidays away from their homes should always shut down their electrical switches and water and natural gas valves. The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department will perform on the 7 / 24 basis at the Ramadan Day.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Municipal Police Department will provide the necessary controls in transportation and transportation with the traffic traffic teams in order to enable the citizens to make their holiday visits easily.

The municipal police teams will keep the food controls to consume more healthy food from the capital.

ANFA Security Directorate will provide security in different parts of the city, especially in parks, gardens and green areas for the capitalists to spend their holidays peacefully and safely. 7 / 24 will serve in the festival with its equipped personnel.

ANFA Security Directorate; Cemeteries, mosques, recreation and recreation areas, such as the holidays are expected to be more intense security measures will increase.


Urban Aesthetics Department teams will continue to work at 7 days 24 hours at the festival for a sparkling Ankara, as it is for all days of the year.

The teams will continue to work on the main roads, streets and boulevards without sweeping, cleaning and washing. Teams that will continue to work in the districts and towns will keep the four sides of the capital immaculately clean.


At the Ankara Intercity Terminal Facility (ASTI), where passenger density increased and the 150 million reached because of the Ramadan Feast, security measures were also maximized in order to ensure that the citizens could travel safely.

150 AŞTİ will provide 24 shifts in the form of daily 3 watches during the hours. For the day, the Ginger will make a mobile control over the day.

While the average number of 500 buses is going on in ASTİ on normal days, the 2 bin 500 bus will be scheduled for the feast.

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