Common Mind Meeting was held in Denizli OIZ

denizli osbde common wise meeting was held
denizli osbde common wise meeting was held

The “Common Mind Meeting Turkish held by Turkishtime and Halkbank in Organized Industrial Zones was held in Denizli Organized Industrial Zone.

The potentials, problems and measures to be taken of Denizli OIZ were discussed. To Denizli OSB Common Mind Meeting; Ozer Torgal, Halkbank SME Marketing 2. Department Chair, Necip Filiz, Deputy Chairman of Denizli OSB, Our Members of Denizli OSB, Osman Uğurlu and Cemalcan Sirkeci, Denizli OIZ Regional Manager Ahmet Taş, Aslı Tekstil A.Ş. General Manager Selim Kasapoğlu, Ekpen Tekstil A.Ş. Chairman of the Board Ahmet Yavuzçehre, Erteks Kadife Tekstil Ltd. Sti. Chairman of the Board Cemal Ertuğrul, Meyteks Tekstil Ltd. Sti. Mustafa Yenigör, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NF Tekstil Kimya Naif Atlas, Gökdelen İskele A.Ş. Ömer Çengel, Chairman of the Board, Şeref Arpacı, Vice President of Motif Tekstil, Cam-Pet A.Ş. Yurdal Duman, Chairman of the Board, attended.

The main agenda of the meeting was the issue of finding and training qualified intermediate staff of the industrialists of the region and therefore Denizli OIZ Technical College (DOSTEK) and Vocational Training Center opened in the Region.

The second item on the agenda was the State Railways Logistics Center project in order to reduce the transportation fees of the regional industrialists, who are particularly important in terms of exports, and the necessary steps were taken to accelerate the tender process and the completion of the project was discussed.

Organized Industrial Zone of Denizli-Afyonkarahisar highway into two sections due to the intersection of the main traffic intersection of the sunken output to accelerate the project, General Directorate of Highways discussed the necessary steps to be taken.

Another important item was the use of cheap energy by the industrialists in the region. Denizli Organized Industrial Zone Management of electricity and natural gas as a collective purchase of cheaper energy supply should be supported because of the issue and thus the production and unit costs of the industrialists in the region will increase competitiveness by reducing said. In addition, both the projects to be carried out by the OIZ Management and the solar energy systems to be installed by OIZ companies on their own roofs were discussed.

In the Organized Industrial Zone, where 25.000 employees are present, it is necessary to carry out the necessary studies on public transportation and to discuss the metro, metrobus type public transportation projects in order to reduce the service fees.

During the meeting, the issue of increasing the number of R & D and Design Centers and establishing a central “R & D and Design Center” and laboratory in OIZ were discussed. Thus, a good way to obtain high value added products will be taken.

Özer Torgal, Head of the 2nd Division of Halkbank SME Marketing, spoke about the Acceleration Loan and said, “An investment loan of up to 2 years, with a maximum of 10 years, with no capital reimbursement for up to 150 years, will be provided in the production of raw materials and intermediate goods for sectors with high contribution to employment and export potential. . " said.

In his closing speech, Necip Filiz, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Denizli OSB said, “We are ready to do whatever we have to do so that our Organized Industrial Zone can become a good production and export center. Since the ideas of our industrialists are very important to us, we want to hold such meetings more often. We want to make our region the most important Organized Industrial Zone of our country with the Common Mind Meetings. In particular, we will do all the necessary work for our industrialists to use cheaper energy. Denizli OIZ Technical College and Vocational Training Center, which we opened this year on qualified intermediate staff, has become very good. ”

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