Work at the Second Airport to the Sea Full Gas Driving

work at the second airport to the sea is full throttle
work at the second airport to the sea is full throttle

📩 06/06/2019 13:00

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, onto the sea will be Turkey's second airport built with fill method Rize and Artvin Airport is the most important part of the completion of 56 percent of the breakwater filler stones in nature, he said: "When the entire airport infrastructure construction is considered, projects 30 percent More than are complete. ” said.

Minister Turhan made an assessment regarding the work at Rize-Artvin Airport, the foundation of which was laid in 2017.

Airport Rize centers 34, Artvin 125, Hopa, 54 kilometers away, Stephano and reminded that Sunday made the beachfront position Turhan, here is the sea on then Airport Giresun and Ordu-built with fill method said that Turkey would be the second airport of that nature .

Turhan, Turkey's airport will be one of the agenda of the region for many years and huge investment is expected to forward emphasizing that, he told us that this place is an important work to do in order to guard against the tempestuous waves of the Black Sea.

Turhan, which attracted attention to the stone filling of more than 85,5 million tons to the sea, expressed that the project was difficult.

Turhan stated that the opening date of Rize-Artvin Airport was determined as 2022 in the contract, but it is planned to be put into service at the end of 2020.

“Air transportation will be provided uninterruptedly in the Eastern Black Sea”

Stating that the airport will contribute to the development of the tourism districts of Rize and Artvin with the city center, as well as to increase the commercial relations with the neighboring countries of the Eastern Black Sea Region, Turhan continued the air transportation of the Eastern Black Sea Region without interruption. said he would provide.

Turhan stated that 242 thousand tons of stone filling was done in the project with 100 heavy duty machines at the moment and said:

“25 million tons of stone filling was completed as of May. 10,5 million tons of this consists of stone that will be used in the construction of the direct miter, which we call categorical stone. The sea was built on the fill method will be Turkey's second airport Rize-Artvin, 56 percent of the rubble mound breakwater was completed in the most important parts of qualifications at the airport. Considering the entire construction of airport infrastructure facilities, more than 30 percent of the project has been completed. ”

Pointing out that the terminal building, which has a closed area of ​​approximately 45 thousand square meters, will be constructed in a way to serve 3 million passengers annually, Turhan said, “Nothing can stand in front of us when the subject is human and when we serve people.” said.

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