Çerkezköy-Kapikule Railway Line Signed Tomorrow

cerkezkoy kapikule railway line is signed tomorrow
cerkezkoy kapikule railway line is signed tomorrow

Halkalı - Kapıkule Railway Line Çerkezköy - The contract for the Kapıkule segment will be signed in Ankara on 11: 2019 at 11 June 00. Head of European Union Delegation to Turkey, Ambassador Christian Berger, and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan will be held with the participation of the signature ceremony will be thrown largest financial cooperation projects between the EU and Turkey.

support for the rail sector in Turkey by the European Union, Halkalı (İstanbul) - Kapıkule (Bulgaria border) Railway Line project continues with financing.

Halkalı-Kapıkul connection in Turkey stands out as the fourth-largest railway project that provides support for EU funds. The estimated total investment value of the project is 1.1 billion Euros. 275 million euro EU grant support to be provided by the project alone makes the EU the largest investment project implemented in Turkey. Halkalı - Kapıkule Railway Line will connect Europe to Asia.

Once the construction is completed, the railway connection is expected to be of great benefit to both passengers and freight carriers. People and businesses will benefit from a more economical and reliable transport services between Europe and Turkey. Citizens will experience more accessible and safe mobility, especially in and around Istanbul, carbon emissions will be reduced and the use of different modes of transport will be encouraged.

State Railways as a single institution in Turkey, the maximum amount has been reaping the benefits of the EU grant. To date, four major railway projects totaling € 840 million have been financed by EU grants and the EU has supported the railway line with a total length exceeding 1000 km. EU support to the railway sector will continue with security, efficiency and better regulation in mind.

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