EIA Process Completed to Extend Akçaray to 3 Regions

ced process for the extension of akcarayin separate region completed
ced process for the extension of akcarayin separate region completed

The EIA process has been completed to extend the tram in Izmit city center to 3 different regions. "EIA is not required" decision was made regarding the project. The new lines to be built with an estimated cost of 393 million liras will go to Kuruçeşme, city hospital and Kocaeli Stadium. There will be 23 new stops on the line

Kocaeli Barış NewspaperAccording to the news of Uğur Enç; “When Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, former head of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality promised tramway to our city, it was 2009. Karaosmanoğlu, who could not build the tram, which is among the projects he said, “I will do it in 5 years” until 2017, showed a great example of inexperience by illuminating the tram model he brought to İzmit Anıtpark with a triple socket. Good and bad tram project has been implemented. There was an important development regarding the tram that citizens started using with a delay of 3 years. On May 8, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality started the EIA process for 30 new lines to be added to the tram.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which applied to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization through Ayaz Çevre Mühendislik, stated that it has allocated a budget of 393 million TL for the construction of Sekapark-Kuruçeşme, Yahyakaptan-Alikahya, Mehmet Ali Pasha-City Hospital lines. The budgets allocated for 23 new lines to be built on 3 new stops are as follows; Sekapark-Kuruçeşme 61 million 500 thousand, Mehmet Ali Pasha-City Hospital 235 million 500 thousand, Yahyakaptan-Alikahya 96 million liras.

Municipality added the “EIA not required” decision of the existing line to the application file for 23 separate lines that will serve with a total of 3 new stops. The Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, which will examine the documents, was expected to make a “EIA not required” decision for 3 additional lines as well as the current line. It was expected. Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization has made a decision regarding the project.

The stops of the new lines will be as follows

Seka State Hospital, Congress Center, Education Campus, Beach Road, Kurucesme,

2 units on Kanalboyu, Turan Güneş Street, Başaran, FTR, City Hospital,

Recep Topaloğlu, Acacias, Yahya Captain, Schools District, Kentsa Site, Sabancı Vocational High School, 2 in Alikahya Fatih, Alikahya Center, Independence, Stadium




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