Plaque from Büyükakın to the Hero Driver

Buyukakindan Kahraman Sofore Plaque
Buyukakindan Kahraman Sofore Plaque

Union of Municipalities of Marmara and Kocaeli Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, a forgotten five-year-old Abdullah in his vehicle for three hours in the vehicle by delivering to his family safely delivered to the driver of the Transportation Inc. Isa congratulated the driver Jesus Yildirim. Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç and Deputy General Manager of Transportation Park Zafer Aydın also congratulated Yıldırım for his attention and said, “Our primary goal is to serve our citizens in a quality way. We give all the necessary trainings to our friends for this purpose. We explain themselves one by one in what situation they should do. As a result of these trainings, our brother Jesus, one of our model models, is with us today. I congratulate him. ”

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark'a Gebze Bus Garage as a driver thanks to the lightning of Jesus Yildirim Abdullah Karabiber Dudayev parked in the direction of the line code 550 Çayırova had noticed that he was forgotten. Mayor Büyükakın, who rewarded İsa Yıldırım who delivered Abdullah to his family by applying the necessary precautions and the trainings he received one by one and hosted him in his office, said: de We had a child forgotten on the bus recently. When our brother, Jesus, realized this child's condition in the mirror, he applied the trainings given to him one by one. He called his family, informed his institution and handed over the forgotten offspring to his family. I especially thank our brother Jesus for his exemplary behavior. We also reward our model models so that we can set an example for our other employees. Our aim is that our citizens are maximum happy. The reason for our existence is the happiness of our citizens. I would like to thank our brother Jesus once again for showing this sensitivity, for having merely flown the face of our metropolitan municipality and us, and for making us proud. Sarf

P I have been working at UşakPark A.Ş. for three and a half years. As a result of the trainings we receive, we learn how to behave against the events and situations we face. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and especially the managers at Ulaspark for their support. Wherever there is a good job and movement, we do it with the strength of the trainings we receive from our president ”. After the souvenir photos taken togetherness ended.



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