BTSO 130. Celebrated

btso years old
btso years old

Bursa work on projects that implemented the model for the world that Turkey Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry 130. celebrated.

With the visionary steps of Osman Fevzi Efendi and his friends 6 Founded in June 1889, BTSO is today the largest chamber of commerce and industry in the country with over one thousand members of 42. In this scope, the room's 130. BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay, BTSO Parliament Speaker Ali Uğur, board, council and committee members as well as Chamber personnel presented a wreath to Atatürk Monument. The members commemorated Osman Fevzi Efendi, the Founding President of the Chamber at his tomb.


BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, 130 70 years ago, founded by business people BCCI today said that it has become one of Turkey's most important institutions. Mayor Burkay, 42 with more than a thousand members of the business plan prepared by the power of BTSO'nun Bursa business world in line with the TeknOSAB, BUTEKOM, Model Factory and GUHEM projects such as the economy of the city, he said. Mayor Burkay thanked the council and committee members who spent efforts to increase the position of BTSO to its present position. Kay We have a responsibility to raise the service flag we have taken over from our elders to a higher level than the present generations. With this awareness we have left behind 6, together with our councilors, professional committees and councils, we have realized more than 40 macro projects that are in common mind. We will continue to work with our strength as we have done so far in order for our country to achieve the targets of 2023, 2053 and 2071. ”


BTSO Parliament Speaker Ali Uğur, representing the life of commerce and industry in Bursa, where the heart of trade has been beating for centuries, has emphasized that BTSO has carried out important works for the development of industrialists and trade connoisseurs since the first day of its establishment. BCCI industry from exports, while supporting the development moves in the economy with the work performed until employment from manufacturing, 2023 and beyond the road many firsts throw resume noted that Ali Ugur, "Bursamız the economic indicators continuously Turkey Our room that led to exhibit a higher performance than the average now only Bursa not the economy has a structure which direction the economy of Turkey. Many of the regulations and new applications concerning the business world are shaped by the demands and suggestions of the Bursa business world. Our goal is to move the service flag even further with the power we receive from our members. Kul

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