Balçova Cable Car Facilities Breaks Visitor Record During Bayram Holiday

balcova cable car facilities breaks visitor record during the holiday
balcova cable car facilities breaks visitor record during the holiday

The Cable Car Facilities in Balçova, one of the important attractions of İzmir, broke a visitor record during the holiday. The facility, which has become the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists, has benefited approximately 8 thousand people in 22 days. The one-month average was exceeded in a week.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Balçova Cable Car Facility flocked to Izmir and visitors to the city. The facility, which was closed on the day of Arife, was visited by 8 thousand 21 people in 938 days. The number of visitors reaching an average of 2 people per day reached 440 on Thursday, June 6, the third day of the holiday.

4 tops in minutes
The cable car gondolas of the 8 people in the Cable Car Facility operated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZULAŞ company, allow the holidaymakers to see İzmir from a different angle by climbing to Balçova Dede Mountain in approximately 4 minutes. Visitors who have the chance to watch Izmir in a panoramic and exciting landscape during the journey can take advantage of the facilities by walking in a unique nature, in the greenery of pine trees, in a clear air.

Balçova Cable Car Facility is operating between 12.00-19.00 hours. Ticket sales expire at 21.00. The property is open on 6 days of the week and is closed on Mondays for weekly maintenance. 0 bilet 5 Teleferik Facilities, offering free services to children aged 13, ticket prices are XNUMX TL.

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