Eurasia Tunnel and 3. Even though the bridge is the same ordeal

eurasian tunnels and bridges
eurasian tunnels and bridges

📩 29/06/2019 13:43

The maintenance work on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge made Istanbul traffic incredible. In previous years, the bridge was being maintained and the traffic was the same, but this time there is a difference. Although there are Eurasia Tunnel and Third Bridge in Istanbul, traffic density does not change. Some refrain from using the third bridge because it is expensive to use the projects also deter citizens. Nevertheless, it continues to pay money that did not pass.

Istanbul traffic is experiencing one of its historical times. Asphalt renovation works were carried out in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in 2012 and Istanbul traffic became chaotic. Although there are two more giant projects for the transition between the two continents in Istanbul, there has been no decrease in traffic ordeal.

Due to 52 daily maintenance, Istanbul traffic is blocked. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge maintenance work due to the number of lanes two rounds, two of which were reduced to four.

Traffic swells from early in the morning. Car ferry service is not enough to meet the demand. According to the care that was different from the FSM in the previous years, the maintenance of the 2019 in Istanbul includes the Eurasia Tunnel and the Third Bridge between the two continents. But the citizens refrain from choosing these projects because of the financial burden.

So much so that the density of the Eurasian Tunnel from yesterday was a little more than normal days, while the third bridge traffic remained lush because of the frequent use of the bridge.

The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, which is operated by the Highways, costs 8.75 TL. There is no charge for one way or one way.

Car toll from Eurasia Tunnel is 23.30 TL. Two-way charges apply. Third Bridge car toll 19.15 TL. There is a two way toll across the bridge. The use of the third bridge, with the exception of fuel money, along with the connection roads, finds the 30 TL. (SPOKESMAN)

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