They Didn't Learn From YHT Accident When 9 Person Dies In Ankara

they did not take lessons from the accident in Ankara, yht
they did not take lessons from the accident in Ankara, yht

It was revealed that TCDD, who did not take warnings before the YHT accident in Ankara where 9 person died, also passed the incorrect culvert report in Arifiye.

There was a scandal about the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) that escaped from the accident in Istanbul-Ankara. 18 was reported to the authorities in October 2018, where the culvert where the train survived a possible accident in June was incorrectly constructed.

CumhuriyetAccording to the report of Cüneyt Muharremoğlu; ”During an Istanbul-Ankara expedition, the rails were unloaded in a culvert in Arifiye and the attention of the machinists prevented a possible disaster. According to the Annual Public Inspection Report prepared by TCDD Bridge Chief in October 2018, the culvert was erroneously constructed. According to the report, the elevation difference of the stream is higher than the railway. For this reason, the water of the stream covered the road after precipitation caused the bottom of the rails to be emptied. There are errors in terms of both width and thickness in the new culvert next to the old railway line. In the report, it is said that the culvert in H1 (old road) is 3 × 2 meters, that is, six meters apart: In the new line, the knuckle (culvert width) is insufficient. While the wall wall thickness of the culverts manufactured after 2 should not be less than 2 centimeters, all of the precast culverts in the new line were manufactured below 2012 centimeters. ”

Another remarkable detail in the report was that there are no information and documents about whether the bridges and culverts found in the line are suitable for the 500 annual flow account of the State Hydraulic Works.

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13 December 2018 9 people died 86 people were injured YT accident 5 days before the TCDD'ye Vehicle Maintenance Service Directorate of the Department of Corporate Safety Management revealed that the vulnerability of manual (manual) scissors appeared to be vulnerable. Scissors Osman Yildirim, YHT'ye Hat 1 to 2'ye road forgot to move the scissors that led to the disaster occurred at the Ankara Train Station. TCDD, warning about the risks to be experienced due to lack of signaling system, but opened the line by using discretion, three days after the accident restarted flights took additional measures.

they did not take lessons from the accident in Ankara, yht

18 The Ankara-Istanbul YHT campaign was stopped in Sakarya Arifiye in June and the train was stopped and the train was stopped and the train was stopped.

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