Transportation to Antalya Altinbesik is Getting Easier

altinbesike transportation easier
altinbesike transportation easier

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is paving the way for Altınbeşik Cave. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to improve the roads that will contribute to tourism as well as new roads and asphalt works. İbradı Altınbeşik cave in the district of the asphalt work to facilitate access to the end approached.

Metropolitan Municipality, located in the neighborhood İbradı District Ürünlü doing road work to facilitate access to Europe's third largest underground caves in Turkey. The Department of Rural Services expanded the narrow and dangerous sections of the 5 kilometer-long Altınbeşik Cave road and made it safe. The road is being rearranged so that tour buses can reach the cave. Isa Akdemir, Rural Services Responsible of Metropolitan Municipality, who is following the works in place, said that he is continuing his works to provide easier access to Altinbesik Cave which has an important place in Antalya and country tourism. 5 kilometers of road expansion before the Akdemir indicating that now, asphalting work is done, he said.


Akdemir pointed out that the tour buses from Altınbeşik Cave could not go down to the place of the cave before the studies and said that the visitors had to walk a long distance to reach the cave. Akdemir said, ardından After our road works, tour buses can easily get down to the area where our cave is and our guests will be able to visit this natural wonder beauty easily. We believe that these activities will increase the interest of visitors to Altınbeşik Cave. We would like to thank İbradı Municipality and the Mukhtar of Product and our citizens who supported us in our works. ”

Lütfullah Yamansoy, the Mukhtar of İbradı Ürünlü Neighborhood, who stated that they were very pleased with the road works in the region, said: Thank you, our Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Böcek started the necessary works quickly by addressing the road problem. Today we have a very comfortable transportation. On behalf of my local people, our Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mr. Muhittin Böcek would like to express my gratitude to our President and all his teams. I would like to invite all the people of Antalya to see this natural cave underground..

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