Osmangazi Bridge Left Empty

Citizens prefer the car ferries, the osmangazi snout remains empty
Citizens prefer the car ferries, the osmangazi snout remains empty

Eskihisar ferry port is preferred by the citizens who go on holiday. While it was observed that the traffic density was quite high at the pier, the citizens did not prefer Osmangazi Bridge, which has a one-way pass fee of 103 TL.

The citizens who evaluate the holiday of Ramadan continue to leave Istanbul. While the traffic density in the city is decreasing, the city is partially dense at the exit points.

The first choice of the citizens who need to pass the bay during the holidays was the ferry boat. Long queues were observed on Eskihisar ferry port. Osmangazi Bridge was the second choice of citizens. In this density experienced in Eskihisar, Osmangazi Bridge's 103 TL fee is thought to be effective. The price of the passenger car ferry is 55 TL. As such, citizens prefer the more expensive ferryboats.

osmangazi bruis is empty
osmangazi bruis is empty


Osmangazi Bridge and Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway tolls in the private company were increased on the first day of 2019. Last year, the 71,75 TL, which is the 2019 TL 103,05 5,5 11,5 on the first morning of the output. Gebze-Orhangazi- İzmir Motorway tolls were increased. 7,40 TL from Altınova-Orhangazi, which was previously 15,65 TL, was upgraded to 40 TL from Gemlik-Bursa which has XNUMX TL. There is a daily XNUMX vehicle warranty on the Osmangazi Bridge. (Sözcü)



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