28 Percent Raise to Employees Working in Istanbul City Lines

to increase the number of employees working in the city
to increase the number of employees working in the city

Signed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which laughed at the City Lines of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 2 contract with the annual process; the personnel working on the ship and on the field applied an increase in the average percentage of 28.04.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lines Inc Turkey with Turk-bound Marines collective bargaining negotiations between the union agreement was concluded. Khedive signing ceremony IMM Secretary-General held in the Summer Palace Hayri Baraçlı, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Eyüp Karahan, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lines General Manager Jacob Guler, Turkey Seafarers 'Union President Irfan Mete, Local Administration on behalf of the Public Employers' Association Secretary-General Av. Zekeriya Sancı, İBB City Lines employees and their families attended.


Speaking at the signing ceremony of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, IBB Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı said,, City Lines is one of our most important public transportation companies with its history dating back over a hundred years. Our company has become a brand with its service quality and produced many exemplary projects to the world. For us, the most important thing was to reach the common point with our union. May Allah bestow abundance on our wages. Allah

Baraçlı said that they gave every kind of support for the development of the City Lines and continued as follows: e İstanbul is a city that is reviving tourism day by day. The importance of City Lines is also increasing rapidly. With this in mind, we closely follow developments related to our fleet and our employees. We continuously support their development. 25 has a continuous service in Istanbul for years. With this understanding and enthusiasm, we will continue our activities actively. In the coming period, I ask God to help us to serve Istanbul. Ümüzdeki

İBB Deputy Secretary General Eyyüp Karahan said, İ It was a good work. We were in a study considering the IMM budget and thinking of our workers. We put together a study in harmony. I think it's a pretty good result. Good luck to all our staff. Bütün

Mr. Yakup Güler, the General Director of City Lines, said that they made a very good work to make the employees laugh. “We are representatives of 168 annual company. We are proud of serving Istanbul for 168 years. As City Lines, we have done a very good work to meet the expectations of our valued employees. While doing this work, we have both prioritized meeting the spiritual mission represented by your company and providing peace of mind by eliminating wage imbalance. We believe that we have put out the best, get better İnan.

Head of the Maritime Union of Turkey Mete lore, "We are happy to have such an auspicious signature on a work night. First of all to the employees then get better at the workplace. Öncelikle


A two-year contract covering the ship and the field personnel in the field applied to the rate of 28,04 increase. Thus, a significant increase in personnel wages was achieved.

Within the framework of the signed 2 year contract; The contract covering the ships and pier and workshop staff of Istanbul City Lines Inc. will be valid between 01 January 2019 - 31 December 2020. For the second year, employees' salaries will be reflected in the inflation rate.

On special days including national holidays and religious holidays, the overtime ratio is 50 to 100; The hourly pay per hour of the shipmen was increased from 30 to 40. There was also an increase in social payments other than wages. These payments are also the contract of 2. inflation rate will be increased.

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