17 Thousand 650 Ton Asphalt is Laying on Kandıra Village Roads

Thousand tons of asphalt is laid on the roads of Kandira Bay
Thousand tons of asphalt is laid on the roads of Kandira Bay

In addition to the roads in the district centers of Kocaeli, the Municipality of the Metropolitan Municipality renews the roads, increasing the comfort and safety in transportation offers to the service of citizens. Within the scope of the activities of the Directorate of Transportation, the renovation works are being carried out on the roads between Bağırganlı-Hacımazlı, Çalköy – Seyrek, Avdan – İshaklar and Avdan-Sofular villages. In total, 13 thousand 400 meters were renewed while 17 thousand 650 tons of asphalt laying was performed.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to renew the neighborhood (village) roads that have deteriorated due to infrastructure and natural reasons, is pleased with the citizens. kazancontinues its work. Within the scope of the works, 1 tons of PMT and 500 tons of asphalt paving on the 4 meter road between Bağırganlı and Hacımazlı, 2 thousand tons asphalt paving on the 100 meter road between Çalköy and Seyrek, and 4 tons asphalt on the 200 thousand meter road in Yağcılar village. series was made.

Continuing to work within the framework of a specific program, Department of Transportation teams, the renovation of a large part of the road finishes work in the region continues. In this context, the thousand 200 meter road between Avdan Village and İshaklar Village continues to work on thousand 500 tons of asphalt paving. 2 thousand 2 tons of asphalt pavement is planned for the 300 thousand meter road between Avdan Village and Sofular Village. In addition, within the scope of renovation works, 500 thousand tons of asphalt pavement and thousand 2 tons of patch work will be carried out on a thousand 500 meter road on Ahmet Ali Street in Kandira center.

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