'First Pedestrian' Application in Saruhanlı for the Safety of Pedestrians

pedestrian safety for pedestrians
pedestrian safety for pedestrians

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out various works in order to provide pedestrian superiority in traffic and to increase the security of life and property, carried out the installation of 'First Pedestrian' icons in Saruhanlı. Within the scope of the study, strips were drawn on the various streets of Saruhanli, determining the pedestrian priority.

Within the scope of the Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year announced by the Ministry of Interior for the year 2019 with the slogan 'Life is First, Pedestrian Priority', Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, to the points determined in the districts; He assembles the 'Pedestrian First' icons that express pedestrian priority. Pedestrian crossing lanes were drawn on various streets of Saruhanlı in the works carried out by the teams of the Department of Transportation, Traffic Services Branch Directorate. The work carried out to slow down the vehicle drivers at a suitable distance from the pedestrian crossing and to protect the pedestrians' superiority of passage has also appreciated the people of the district. kazanwas. The Department of Transportation teams will support the increase of pedestrian safety in traffic by implementing the 'Pedestrian First' application throughout the province within the scope of the work schedule.

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