Minister Turhan: `We have divided the Split Road Network 26 Bin 642 Kilometer '

we have reached a thousand kilometer of road
we have reached a thousand kilometer of road

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan pointed out the importance of providing good and correct service, saying, “Let's not waste any of our work, do it properly, do not obstruct the legislation and prevent service. Let us do our work within the framework of law and order, but let's not let anyone crawl or stop a job. ” said.

Minister Turhan attended the iftar dinner organized by the General Directorate of Highways (KGM). Speaking after the dinner at the Headquarters building, Turhan stated that the “road workers” are a big family and they are grateful to be a member of this family and said, “If we did not have this warmth towards each other, could we do such great things? Because we believe in this, we do our job with love of worship. You know, in our belief, it is charity to lift the stone on the road, to open the road, to make the road unobstructed. With the permission of Allah, we are making the road itself beyond taking the stone from the road, we pierce the mountains with tunnels, cross the seas with bridges. ” he spoke.

Underlining the fact that there is a revolution in transportation, especially in the road transport, Turhan said that the 26 642 77 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX divided the network.

Turhan stated that 81 percent of the traffic now travels on divided roads and continued: “In this way, we have achieved an annual fuel-time savings of 17 billion 771 million lira and an emission reduction of 3 million 294 thousand tons annually. We have completed 90 percent of the East-West corridors and 85 percent of the North-South corridors, which will provide connections with border gates, ports, railways and airports. Within the framework of the highway mobilization we started, we increased the highway length to 2 thousand 842 km. We will have put the entire Northern Marmara Motorway into service in 2020. ”

Turhan stated that they will connect Ankara to the Mediterranean and Southeast Region with the Ankara-Niğde Highway project, which is under construction, so that the connection between Europe and the Middle East will become uninterrupted, and with this project they will complete in 2020, transportation to the tourism center Cappadocia will be more comfortable. noted that they will bring.

Minister Turhan stated that they will mobilize every possible opportunity to obtain resources, “However, I would like you to pay maximum attention to the effective use of public resources from now on, as it has been until today. I want to be very careful about choosing the most beneficial projects for our country and not changing the project after the tender. ” used expressions.

Turhan concluded his words as follows: “The main thing is to serve our nation, our country, our state in the best and most correct way. Let's not waste any of our work, let's do it properly, let's take shelter in the legislation and prevent service. Let us do our work within the framework of law and order, but let's not let anyone crawl or stop a job. I hope that this holy month we are in with these feelings and thoughts will be auspicious for our country, nation and all humanity. May the mercy and forgiveness of Ramadan be upon us all. ”

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