Two sides of Erzurum are coming together

two sides of my assimilation coming together
two sides of my assimilation coming together

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality continues to diversify and update the urban transportation networks. Metropolitan Municipality, the city's two separate sides of the viaduct project, which will reach the end of each other. 75 meter-long viaduct, 50. Year Street and Şükrüpaşa will connect the Dadaşköy Street and will greatly reduce the traffic load in the city center. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen made a statement on the subject, drawing attention to the growing need for the cities of developing and growing transportation networks will draw attention to a similar situation is no longer in Erzurum, he said.


Underlining that the city center of Erzurum has begun to develop and expand on the one hand, President Mehmet Sekmen said, “While settlements are growing, the needs for lower and superstructure services increase in the same direction; The most important of them is transportation networks. Reminding the problems that Şükrüpaşa district experienced in connection with the city center, Chairman Sekmen said, Ş We are preparing to implement Viaduct Project and the Dadaşköy Street which is the center of Şükrüpaşa is 50. We will be tied together by the Year Caddesi. Thanks to this viaduct, the transition from Şükrüpaşa to the city center and from the city center to Şükrüpaşa will be much easier. Our people will gain from both time and fuel consumption et he said.


  1. President Sekmen, who noted that the project connecting the Avenue of the Year with Şükrüpaşa Dadaşköy Street, was located on the railway route of the Erzurum Railway Station, stated that the bridge connection in question is composed of 4 feet and has a length of 75 meters. President Sekmen said, birlikte 66 bored pile manufacturing was carried out for the viaduct we made and the length reached to 200 meter with earthing production. When the project is completed, we will create a new transportation network with a total of one thousand 3 meters with the 120 junction. Our new roads have double lanes and 20 meters width. Therefore, they are capable of responding to the needs to a large extent. Our work on the project is about to be completed. After a short time, we will be presenting our new viaduct and all our connection roads to the service of Erzurum Çok.


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