Two Neighborhoods in Şehzadeler are Connected to Each Other by Underpass

two neighborhoods
two neighborhoods

Şehzadeler Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik, TCDD Regional Directorate and the Şehzadeler cooperation between the Akpınar and Adnan Menderes neighborhoods completed the construction of the railway track was found in the pedestrian underpass.

Şehzadeler Mayor Omer Faruk Celik, Akpinar neighborhood and Adnan Menderes neighborhood between the subway to eliminate a big problem found in the investigation. During the investigations, President Çelik was accompanied by Vice President Atilla Efendioğlu, Akpınar District Headman Osman Erten and municipal technical staff. Having received information from the technical staff about the works, President Çelik lar Adnan Menderes Mahallesi and Akpınar This railway passing through our neighborhoods was experiencing great troubles for our citizens. Akpınar Citizens living in our neighborhood want to move to the upper part of ours had to go a long way. Or try to cross the obstacles on the railroad, dodging great danger. In this area, we have made a joint work with our State Railways and provided underpasses. The State Railways Regional Directorate put a look system under the train with his work. As Şehzadeler Municipality, we carried out concrete works, side retaining walls and landscaping works. As a municipality, we had a work of approximately 250 thousand pounds. Together with this work, our citizens living in Akpınar and Adnan Menderes neighborhoods have easily reached an underpass where they can pass without danger. Both neighborhoods get better for our people. Im


Akpınar and Adnan Menderes neighborhoods, a great problem of the citizens living in the disappeared Akpınar District Headman Osman Erten said kalk This is a great effort because of this beautiful work Omer Faruk Çelik thank you very much. This study was conducted with the initiatives of the Chairman of the Hearts. As a result of our citizens living in our neighborhood, so to say, we destroyed the Berlin wall and combined the two neighborhoods with this subway. I would like to thank all the municipality employees, especially our Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik who contributed to the construction of this subway. Bu

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