Indigenous Motor Studies in Turkey

domestic motor studies in our country
domestic motor studies in our country

Towards the end of the 19.As a first-ever diesel engine by German engineer Rudolf Diesel, 20. In the second half of the century has completed its technological development. In our country for the first time in 1956 Dr. Necmettin Erbakan's engine works have been started and delayed by various barriers.

History of diesel engine works in our country:


In 1956, Dr. It was founded by Necmettin Erbakan. With the license of Czechoslovak-Slavia, it started production in its facility located in Gaziosmanpaşa, Istanbul. 10 horsepower (HP) is said to produce this engine; It had an old technology according to the period, which was cooled by a single cylinder, double flywheel, condensing type water tank. No exact information was available on how many units were produced and sold; however, this technologically old product has not been long lasting. it is mentioned that it has been produced for more than five years. According to some sensations, 2 has been produced and sold around one thousand units.


After the tragic closure of the silver engine, the plant was bought by the Pancar Company and Ziya Kırali was brought to the head. Kırali, a military engineer, completely modernized and reorganized the company and started a license agreement with the German-Hatz company. This type of air-cooled engine (E96 and E108) 8 and 10 HP for a long time continued production and was discontinued in 2009. Pancar Motor has produced around 400 thousand units and has a wide place in agriculture and fishery with the sales support of beet cooperatives in a short time. Although it has production elements such as casting, machining, assembly, especially technologically advanced machining tools, it could not continue its activity. The two possible reasons for this are as follows: Firstly, the high level of rigidity and the high cost of being a semi-state enterprise. The second is the lack of a product development unit. Hatz continues to develop its models in Germany; Pancar Motor is out of this change, has not received a new license, has not reached the ability to produce existing products and new products. Some of the products were imported and sold; However, this is not enough to keep the company alive.


60's years were the years when the zir çoki watering became widespread in our country. According to a study commissioned by xnumx't to Necmettin Erbakan, Turkey's 1964-8 needs pumping power has been identified as the HP 10 thousand years. The need of our country was met by the motopomp groups, which were driven by gasoline or diesel engines imported from Europe and America. During these years, Motosan was established when Pancar Motor was running at full capacity. Founder Abdulkadir Free, General Motors (Detroit, USA), which is the last task in engine design engineering company office chief (chief design engineer) left his position, had come to Turkey to produce engines. Without any license; a single-cylinder, water-cooled and direct-injection engine was planned. A first in the conditions of our country in that day, the first time domestic diesel engine would be manufactured. After more than a year of intensive work, the 40 HP power engine was completed in the spring of 1967, and it took its place in the service as a motopump immediately. In 8, two cylinders of the same engine were manufactured and put into use. Motosan also ended its production at the end of its annual activity 1973 for reasons such as Beet Motor. 40 of these engines, which he called as muh super star te during his activity, has a capacity of around 1,000; motopomp, marine engine, electric generator etc. Products produced.


1972 was founded by Anadolu Holding under the license of Lombardini (Italy) as a very modern facility. During its establishment; In this facility, which can be an example for buildings, production vehicles and organizations, Lombardini design diesel (5, 7, 10 HP) and small-size gasoline engines of various capacities are produced.


Yavuz Motor was founded in Ankara by Sedat Çelikdoğan in 1991. Sedat Çelikdoğan, who is an experienced engineer who has taken part in the foundation of Tümosan, started to produce industrial diesel engines from the beginning of 2000, and since 2005, multi-cylinder engines are produced for different purposes with the power of 30-150 kW.


This engine, which is of Polish origin, was produced and sold locally by the importer of that day. Although we do not have detailed information; We know that this engine is a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that can produce 70 HP power in 10 years and cannot fight its rivals and stop its operation. The company currently operates in Poland.


Renault, 1,5-liter diesel engine that produces in Spain has declared that begin to produce in Turkey. The company Renault Clio model in terms of the engine's emission control produced for the first environmentalists claim that Turkey engines.


Ford Otosan, founded by Vehbi Koç in 1959, started the production of a diesel engine called 'Duratorq', which was developed by 2000 in the beginning of the 2,2. Produced in Turkey 'Transit' is used in commercial vehicles from this engine compared to its competitors in this segment are produced in the world is stated to be one of the best circles concerned. In terms of emission standards, the mass production of this engine at Euro 5 level started at İnönü facilities, it was announced that it was taken to the facilities in China and it would be produced there.


TÜMOSAN, 40-45 with more than 10 years of experience in engine production, while continuing to produce diesel engines in the 185 with the support of the TUBITAK ılan NEW GENERATION DIESEL ENGINE DEVELOPMENT İL project launched in 2012 155 1000 horsepower from the first two members of the family will be up to 4 Ignition of 4.5 Liters and 6 Cylinder 6,8 Liters with cylinders was carried out at TÜMOSAN Konya Factory.


Currently, BMC is able to produce 450 horsepower engines and is working on 600 horsepower engine production.

To summarize, our country has been dealing with the uğraş original design and production ancak in the production of internal combustion engines for many years, but it has recently come to an end.

Nowadays, especially diesel engine production activities are increasing. Our company has started to produce diesel engines with the latest diesel engine works of organizations such as TÜMOSAN and BMC, which was established as an independent enterprise by Erin Motor with the image of artık 100 Domestic Engine dizel and started to give products to the defense industry. (Dr. Contact Ilhami directly)

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