There Increase in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Sales in Turkey

There increase in electric and hybrid vehicles sold in Turkey
There increase in electric and hybrid vehicles sold in Turkey

The number continues to rise in Turkey. According to this, the total number of 2019 vehicles announced in the first quarter of 1853 reached 1810, while the 43 units consisted of hybrid models, while the 100 part consisted of% 155 electric models. The total number of 200 units sold last year is expected to exceed 1169 by the end of this year. TEHAD Chairman Bayram Berke, along with recent figures in Turkey, said that the total XNUMX in electric vehicle traffic

sales figures for the first 2019 of electric and hybrid cars in Turkey were announced. Association of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (TEHAD), according to figures released at the party seemed to increase in the figures for Electric and Hybrid car models sold in Turkey. The market reached a total of 3 sales in the first 1291 month of the last year and reached the 1853 volume this year. 3 units of 1853 vehicles produced in the first 43 of this year generated 100 electric models, while 1810 sold models with hybrid engines. Head of Sales figures for assessing TEHAD Berken holidays, he said at the end of the year as noted continuing increase compared to last year is expected to exceed 200 of electric car sales, and today the number of electric cars with the traffic in Turkey has reached 1169 with the latest data. Referring to the new models this year, Bayram said, UM Jaguar I-Pace in electric models completed the first quarter with 21 and Toyota Corolla 1219 in hybrid models. Smart Fortwo EQ, one of the electric models that joined the market again for the first time this year, made a good start with the sales of 7 units in the first quarter.

SCT and MTV chocks electric car market

Annual sales of million in Europe of finding annual sales figures in Turkey remained far below the expected expressing Berkan Day, electric vehicle sales to stressing the need to support the SCT and MTV's electric car market, said that it was the biggest obstacle to growth. Day, he said: "The electric car sales in Europe amounted to one million years, the last 7 years in Turkey could not be 1169 electric vehicle traffic. Annual sales figures have not yet reached 200 per year. Here, we see that SCT and MTV are a major obstacle. Electric car tax rates in our country have 3% -7% -15% rates according to KW power. In other words, it is possible to get the equivalent electric model of a vehicle with 145% SCT rate with a 15% SCT rate. You can own an electric car by paying 163% tax including VAT for a vehicle with a tax of 33% including VAT at the list price. Although the tax difference is 130%, the consumer is away from the electric car because of the initial purchase costs. Especially the MTV in the electric car, which was enacted last year and has not been implemented in any country, should be urgently removed, additional tax incentives should be provided as an environmental support premium for the electric vehicles purchased on behalf of the company, and incentives should be provided as a health support premium in the name of the consumer. In this respect, when tax incentives are provided to Electric and Hybrid vehicles in our country as well as all over the world, it will be possible to feel that not only the sales figures but also the changes that positively affect the entire industry. ”

European automotive industry preparing for 2030

Stating that 2030% of the world automotive market will consist of electric and hybrid vehicles in 30, this ratio will increase to 70% across European countries. . It seems that by 100, 2030% of the world automotive market will consist of electric and hybrid vehicles, while this rate will increase to 30% across European countries. Especially in all European countries, measures for diesel cars whose production and circulation in the city are restricted should be taken urgently in our country. As the state, as European countries, it should be our primary step to continue with the goal of zero emissions. In this context, it should impose an additional carbon tax for diesel-powered cars, and incentives should be provided for the first purchase cost of electric cars with the tax revenue to be obtained there. Our state, which will take the goal of zero emission target for 70, will be able to see the direct increase in employment and investment channels in a very short time. ” made the explanation.

The second hand began to search for electric vehicles

Turkey every year in electric and hybrid stating automobile market into that of the new model year and will enter the market in the near model 40 until the end of Berkan's Day, "Turkey in consumer electric vehicles to large interest, we organized in April, Electric and Hybrid Drives the Week we saw it alive. Users are closely following developments in this area and wondering about the new models. But the initial cost and tax burden of having these vehicles pushes thousands of people into a search for a second-hand market. Although this is a limited market, it can be made more attractive with the support of the state. Da

There increase in electric and hybrid vehicles sold in Turkey
There increase in electric and hybrid vehicles sold in Turkey

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