Tunisia Cooperation Between Turkey And Ecommerce Agreement

Tunisia is among e-commerce association agreement with turkey
Tunisia is among e-commerce association agreement with turkey

📩 21/02/2021 22:06

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan said, "I believe that PTT will play an important role in providing more inclusive access to the e-commerce system in Africa and introducing African products to the world." said.

An "E-Commerce Cooperation Agreement" was signed between the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Tunisian Ministry of Digital Economy and Communication Technologies within the scope of the World Postal Union (UPU) Ecom @ Africa Project.

Minister Turhan Speaking at the signing ceremony, held in 2016 in Istanbul Turkey, under the 26 World Postal Strategy, designed by UP Congress Ecom @ Africa talked about the project.

Within the framework of historical importance they attach to the development of relations between Turkey and Africa voicing Turhan significant strides in recent years, the importance given to Africa and told Turkey's activities organized for this continent.

Turhan said that as a result of the common will to improve cooperation, the volume of trade has increased dramatically, and the volume has nearly quadrupled and exceeded 20 billion dollars.

Stating that they see African continent countries as increasing value for the future of the world, Turhan said, “Therefore, we are looking for ways to develop and strengthen our strategic partnership and cooperation with African continent countries at every opportunity. In this sense, we see the Ecom @ Africa project as a new channel. ” he spoke.

Talking about the Ecom @ Africa project, Turhan said:

“This project designed by UPU offers a highly effective and inclusive model in the field of e-commerce, which changes world trade and offers different business models with its ever-growing volume. The Ecom @ Africa initiative will enable trade development in Africa and those with little access to the global trade system to be included in the business system. Thus, it will be instrumental in many investments and jobs. I would like to congratulate the executives and project staff of UPU, who is the architect of this project that puts the mail administrations at the center of the process. ”

Turhan stated that UPU's deep-rooted history and international experience will provide significant advantages in the success of the project.

“E-commerce will become widespread in Africa thanks to cooperation”

Turhan, Turkey by mentioning the cooperation agreement signed between Tunisia found the following assessment:

“Thanks to the cooperation protocol we will sign with Tunisia, we have also taken the step to facilitate the dissemination of the Ecom @ Africa project to other African countries. PTT, which is an important player of the global mail network, has successfully managed the UPU's Administrative Council Presidency with its experience and strong infrastructure, and has managed to keep up with the digital transformation in the world. Personally, I believe that PTT will play an important role in providing a more inclusive access to the e-commerce system in Africa and to deliver products of African origin to the world. ”

Turhan stated that at this point, they can create a model based on mutual gains with Tunisia, and that PTT has a serious infrastructure and e-commerce platform at the point of providing platform for the Ecom @ Africa project.

Expressing that PTT has the capacity to provide platforms and offer consultancy in different segments of e-commerce such as B2C and B2B, Turhan said, “The rapid development and knowledge and experience of PTT in its e-commerce activities, undoubtedly, will make important contributions to this project as well. ” he spoke.

“We have advantages such as PTT, THY, Istanbul Airport in global e-commerce”

Minister Turhan, just e-commerce platform, the establishment of e-commerce said that was not enough for the creation of eco-system, the geographical position they have in Turkey as well as powerful air, also said they think that provides a significant advantage for this project land and maritime connections.

Stating that they have important advantages in terms of e-commerce, such as PTT and Istanbul Airport, Turhan continued his words as follows:

“Africa is in the second place after Asia-Pacific region with 4 million users in e-commerce in the last 225 years. The biggest increase in internet use is in Africa with 20 percent. Even these reveal that Africa is one of the focal points of e-commerce growth. It is important to be able to manage this potential of Africa in the best interests of African countries. At this point, we think that the Ecom @ Africa initiative, designed to balance the level of e-commerce development at the global level, provides an important opportunity. ”

Turhan, as Turkey and mutual cooperation for the implementation of this project quickly stressed that they have a shared responsibility to exhibit understanding.

“We will continue to do our part”

Turhan stated that they are aware of the active role, the work and the importance that Tunisia has undertaken for the successful implementation of this comprehensive project.

Turkey and Tunisia as would be example for many countries of cooperation they do start today and save that triggered the cooperation in different fields of investment Turhan, "began to Tunisia project infrastructure investment case, we welcome the rapid reaction of appreciation they have shown for the development of the project." said.

Mr. Turhan added that they will continue to fulfill their responsibility for the successful implementation and progress of the project.

“Bilateral trade, exports and employment will increase with the project”

Mohamed Anouar Maarouf, Tunisian Minister of Digital Economy and Communication Technologies, stated that they expect this event very much and thanked Minister Turhan, who led the organization as an idea.

Maarouf, said:

"There are lessons we can take from the model in Turkey. We see that PTT will be a model for us. PTT will speed up the Ecom @ Africa project and make the platform functional. We have an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate between the postal authorities of the two countries. Our strategic cooperation will not end with this project, but will continue increasingly. ”

After the speeches, a cooperation agreement was signed between Ministers Turhan and Maarouf, as well as PTT AŞ Chairman and General Manager Kenan Bozgeyik, UPU Secretary General Bishar Hussein and Tunisian Postal Administration (CEO) Jawher Ferjaoui.

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