Turkish Airlines Science Expo Begins With Intense Participation

turkish airlines science expo started with intense participation
turkish airlines science expo started with intense participation

Turkish Airlines Science Expo, organized for the eighth time this year under the name sponsorship of Turkish Airlines by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BEBKA, started with an intense participation in TÜYAP Fairground.

In order to educate the qualified workforce of the future and to love science to all segments of the society, the first sponsorship of Turkish Airlines and BEBKA started with the opening ceremony of the Turkish Airlines Science Expo, the eighth of this year, with the organization of the name sponsorship and Kültür A.Ş. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Bursa Deputy Governor Abidin Ünsal, Bursa Deputy Mustafa Esgin, Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Secondary Education Projects Head of Department Mehmet Bölücek, Provincial Director of National Education Sabahattin Dülger, Rector of Bursa Technical University Prof.Dr. Arif Karademir, sponsored businessmen and students attended. Local and needed for national production will contribute to the training of qualified human resources in the festival, BEBKA, Turkish Airlines, Ministry of Education, Uludag University, Bursa Technical University, Ounce Machine, Distance College, Turkey Technology Team Foundation, TUBITAK Butal, Turksat, ROKETSAN, Aydın Schools, Concept Schools, Tan Schools, Şahinkaya Schools, Osmangazi Schools, Limak, Eker, Coşkunöz, İnoksan Emko, Borçelik, Ermetal, Buski, Poligon Engineering, Beyçelik, İneva, Autodesk, Bosiad, Hairdressers Room, Resource Center, Robjet, Mnç It was supported by important institutions and organizations such as the College and Gold Magesty.

Domestic and national emphasis

This year 'Digital Turkey' Speaking at the festival's opening, held under the main theme of Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, educate today the skilled workforce of the future, motivating talent in line correctly steer and them 'I can do' in order to instill a sense reminded that they hit the road. Turkey in all areas of the business the best that President Aktas voicing that people need, "But almost all lines of business interests, particularly in science and technology we need to nurture qualified workforce. Our Science and Technology Center continues to work as an institution that contributes to the determination of the President on domestic and national production. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are realizing very large investments to attract the interest and curiosity of our children, young people and families in this direction.

Qualified workforce

Mr. Aktaş emphasized that he aimed to raise individuals who had discovered himself, determined his direction, completed his vocational education, contributed to his profession and passed on his experience. Birey Turkish Airlines Science Expo is carried out to provide the social motivation we need to reach this qualified workforce. We designed our festival to reach this goal in the most accurate and effective way. Each of the activities we carry out within the scope of the festival is an important step leading to this goal. This year we have created areas in which technology-producing companies exhibit the technology they have. The astonishing, admirable, intriguing technological elements take on the task of attracting the attention of all participants, especially children, and awakening a sense of curiosity. Our children experience the technologies they have never seen before and will never have the opportunity to see, try again in normal life. When we ask the questions demek How can this happen? Um and ğ Can I do it? “, We have reached our goal. Our answer is quite clear: man The only thing you have to do is try it! Cev

The future will be much better

In the field of professional promotion, 25 introduces young people to different sectors of the future, while the 'professions competing' event brings together young people, trainers and leading companies of related sectors. Reminding that the names of experts in the field will transfer their experiences to young people during the festival, President Aktaş reminded that one of the most important parts of the Turkish Airlines Science Expo is the project competition. Mayor Aktaş recorded the project competition every year in order to encourage and support the ones who developed a problem in any area of ​​life, to encourage and support the people who developed a solution to this problem in a beneficial way. Lendir We all want to reach the target insanlar As the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa we strive to produce projects that invest in people. But this is not just a matter of local government. All the values ​​of Bursa have to put their hands under this stone. I would like to thank BEBKA, Turkish Airlines, our National Education Directorate and all our producers, industrialists and educational institutions for supporting this event. I believe that with this kind of cooperation, our future will be much better. Ben

Bursa deputy Mustafa Esgin also said that important steps taken by the government in the name of development technology since 2002, Turkey said Space Agency's founding agreement to transfer more resources to space exploration in the coming years 10.

Ministry of Education General Directorate of Secondary Education Projects Head of Department Mehmet Bölücek stated that they welcomed the 81 students from 350 province in Bursa in the National Science Camp which they organized for the third time this year and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa for their contribution to this organization.

Bursa Deputy Governor Abidin Unsal also said that the festival is important for meeting the young people and industrialists who will be able to do great works even though they are young, and thanked those who contributed to the organization.

Following the opening speeches, the students who were ranked in the project competition of the 3 National Science Camp organized by the Ministry of National Education were awarded their prizes.

President Aktaş gave a plaque to the sponsor businessmen who supported the festival. Then he visited the fairgrounds individually with the protocol members and carefully examined the work of the technology producing students.

President Aktas, Turkish Airlines took flight simulator aircraft, tried to lower the aircraft in the air.

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