Izdemir with Collective Agreement Signed Between Turkey Union of Seafarers

turkey union between sailors on the collective contract was signed with your Izdemir
turkey union between sailors on the collective contract was signed with your Izdemir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary İZDENİZ A.Ş. Seamen's Union and Turkey have maintained collective bargaining agreement between the dots. According to the contract signed with the participation of President Tunç Soyer, salaries of seamen were 25 percent, salaries of seamen on the second scale were 29,5 percent and salaries of land personnel were 30,5 percent. Wishing the contract to be beneficial to all employees, Soyer said, "It is very nice to start a new era with reconciliation."

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ A.Ş. Turk-connected with the Seafarers' Union of Turkey (TDS) from "Collective Bargaining Agreement" was signed. Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer; Turkey Union of Seafarers (TDS) Chairman Irfan Mete, Izdemir your General Manager Utku Arslan, TDS Secretary General Eyüp butchers and TDS City Lines wished Branch Chairman Tuncay New Moon's auspicious auspicious to all employees of the contract at the signing ceremony that takes place. Expressing that it is very nice to start a reconciliation for a new period, President Tunç Soyer said, “Coming to this point both makes us smile and is very proud. We will increase our hope, apart from creating a much more beautiful İzmir together. ”

Thanks to President Soyer
Turkey Union of Seafarers (TDS) that the Chairman Irfan Mete "Chairman us' we will solve the collective agreement before 1 May, had promised that gave hope to us. As it said, the agreements of the Maritime Transportation Department were completed before May 1. Today we are signing. It was a good contract. We thank you very much. ”

According to the collective agreement, the salaries of the crewmen were increased by 25, the salaries of the second scale by 29,5, while the salaries of the personnel were increased by 30,5. In addition, the night work rate 20'den% 30'a output. The holidays and special occasions 1 from the journal were extended to the wage, while social benefits were increased by 2 and 25. According to this, shipsmen will be paid between 30 thousand TL and 4 thousand TL, land personnel will receive a salary between 9 thousand 3 TL and 400 thousand 6 TL.

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