Minister Turhan Participated in TDMMB and TÜRKSOY's Iftar Dinner

turhan tdmmb and noodle iftar attended the dinner
turhan tdmmb and noodle iftar attended the dinner

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan stated that the increase in the export of contracting services has made the dimensions of the success story more pronounced, "As the government, we have full support for the sector."

Minister Turhan, Union of Engineers and Architects of the Turkish World (TDMMB) and the International Organization of Turkish Culture (TURKSOY) attended the iftar dinner organized in Ankara.

Turhan, who talked after the dinner, looking at the geographies of the nation with its deep rooted history of thousands of years, by drawing attention to the magnificent architectural monuments of the Turkish nation from Central Asia to Europe, the coast of South Asia to Siberia and Africa is a nation crowned with culture and art works, he said .

Underlining that every nation can only exist as long as it maintains its own cultural and spiritual values, Turhan said, “The most important factor that keeps our great Turkish nation alive for centuries is that it is embraced with its core culture, national and spiritual values. If we take a look at the wide geography where our nation extends, we will encounter works that will live forever as the seal of our national identity. For example, many civilizations have passed through İpekyolu throughout history, but none of them have left an impressive track and rooted artifact as much as the Turkish nation. We have the right to take pride with these works from place to sky. Besides, it is necessary to add new ones to these works. ”

Turhan stated that it will make the future march of the nation more magnificent by putting works suitable for the spirit of the era experienced with modern engineering and architecture approaches. If we approached otherwise, could we do much more than 80 years to 16 years? Of course, we have accomplished these actions with the leadership of our President, the strength and support of our nation, despite the global crises, the negative events in our region and the treacherous attacks targeting our country. ” used expressions.

Stating that they have increased the welfare level of the people on the one hand, and enriched the silhouettes of the cities on the one hand, Turhan emphasized that they are trying to use local and historical architectural forms together, while fulfilling the requirements of modern architecture. Turhan noted that Istanbul Airport, which was built on the basis of Anatolian architecture, is the most concrete example of this situation.

Turhan, great experience in Turkey kazanPointing out that Turkish engineers, architects and entrepreneurs are now signing big projects all over the world, he said:

“This situation also gives us great pride. Increasing the importance of the sector with the increase in the export of contracting services makes the dimensions of the success story more evident. As the government, our support for the sector is complete. We removed many obstacles in front of the sector as much as we could during the 16-year period. We have significantly reduced informality in the industry. We mutually removed visas with many countries, and we continue to do so. Today, our sector representatives are doing works that are shown with finger around the world and they are respected. As long as our cooperation continues, there is no problem that we cannot overcome. We have great goals as a ministry and as a government. You will be our most important solution partner in achieving our goals, again. We attach great importance to the support of the Turkish World Engineers and Architects Association, which has adopted the unity in language, ideas and doing business in the Turkish world. ”

Due to the 25th year of the establishment of TURKSOY, Minister Turhan was presented with a Turkish world service medal and Turhan was dressed in traditional anchor.

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