New Generation National Wagon from TÜDEMSAŞ

tudemsastan new generation national wagon
tudemsastan new generation national wagon

Having completed the certification of five types of wagons and three types of bogies, TÜDEMSAŞ, Deputy General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu, said that they are planning to produce 2019 pieces in the 2020-250 years of the new generation national freight car.

With mounting production method based on the last six years and adopted its technological investments that compete with European firms in Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) is developing new generation products in Europe.

The company's new generation of freight wagons is located in the west of Hungary, Austria and Germany, and in the east of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway line. These wagons; Due to the low load carrying capacity, due to the high load-bearing capacity, the length of their economic life, the low platform heights and the variety of loads that can be carried on the loading platforms, they brought innovation to the sector. New generation freight wagons are more environmentally friendly than other wagons, but also benefit the operator with the low cost, life cycle cost and low noise level.

Dört We were audited by four different NoBo companies from three countries “

In the short term, Mehmet Başoğlu, deputy general manager of TÜDEMSAŞ, stated that they will offer eight different types of freight wagons to the service of international railways. In New generation freight wagons, mass-produced by TÜDEMSAŞ to respond to different loading scenarios to be used in many parts of the world, are required for international railway operations. all kinds of hardware and safety requirements are manufactured. Prior to serial production, each newly developed car prototype is made and tested by international certification companies based in Europe under TSI certification. After our approval, our production lines are inspected for quality management system. Alın

In this context, Başoğlu emphasized that the projects carried out by the companies have been audited by four different NoBo companies since the 2015 and they have received a production visa as a result of these inspections.

Yük We are planning to produce 250 units from the next generation national freight car “

TÜDEMSAŞ, which carries out the R & D and production of new generation freight wagons, produces mass-produced ore transport wagons (Talns), heated cistern wagons (Zacens), 45 container transport wagons (Sgmmns), (Sgns) and (Rgns) platforms. Stating that respond to the needs of the wagon with the industry Mehmet Basoglu, TSE certificate to the owner of TÜDEMSAŞ the preferred location to come by international companies of these cars and in the international arena the name of Turkey drew attention to increase awareness.

Stating that as of today, they have focused on R&D studies of eight different types of freight wagons, Başoğlu said that these wagons will be used in the sector in the short term. kazanHe said they would go. Stating that they are trying to fulfill their responsibilities within the scope of the 'National Train Project', Başoğlu said, “TÜDEMSAŞ produced 2017 units of national freight wagons in 55 and 2018 units in 95. We are planning to produce 2019 units of the new generation national freight wagons, which are welcomed with admiration and interest by logistics companies, in 2020-250.” (World)

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  1. I wish success for the "new generation" freight wagons to be manufactured .. wouldn't they produce the wagons, which they said more perfect, until this year. They didn't follow the dream. do not read related publications.?. the important thing is to invent and manufacture the perfect before europe .. let us not be 50 years behind on this subject