Traffic Problem Solved Millions of Residents Left in the Pocket of Denizli

traffic problem has been solved millions of pennies remained in the pocket of the seafarers
traffic problem has been solved millions of pennies remained in the pocket of the seafarers

After the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality resolved the traffic problem at the Brigade intersection, which was turned into gangrene, millions of liras remained in the pockets of Denizans. The capacity of the junction, which is used by an average of 33.000 vehicles per day, increased by 400 vehicles per hour, while 1 liters of fuel were saved in the past 1.188.000 year period.

One of Denizli's most intensely used routes, Dumlupınar, which immediately locks even at a small traffic density, and Tugay Junction at the intersection of Lise Street, took a comfortable breath with the arrangement made by the Metropolitan Municipality. According to the findings made by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department at the crossroad, which was put into service with its new face approximately 1 year ago, a great advantage was obtained in terms of economic, environmental and time factors. The junction, also called the Çıtır Junction, served an average of 33.000 vehicles a day after the arrangement, while queuing and waiting times in the region were significantly reduced. At the crossroad, where the capacity was increased by 400 vehicles per hour, a total of 1 liters of fuel was saved during the 1.188.000-year period.

297.000 hourly labor savings

In addition to the fuel savings provided by this regulation, the emission of 213.750 kg carbon into the atmosphere was prevented. While air pollution was reduced, 1 hourly labor gain was achieved as a result of shortening of waiting times and decreasing traffic flow rate in the last 297.000 annual process. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has become the bleeding wound of the city, the traffic problem at the intersection of Dumlupinar and High School streets with the solution of millions of people remained in the pocket of Denizli.

“Metropolitan works, Denizli wins”

Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan said that they have taken new measures against the rapidly increasing population and number of vehicles in the city and that they have implemented many transportation projects in this context. Explaining that traffic in the region has been locked from time to time in the past, President Osman Zolan said, “As a result of a very intense work, we put our junction into service in a new way about 1 year ago. There is no trace of the traffic suffering here. "We continue to strive to provide comfortable travel for our people with new bridge intersections, roads, underpasses and overpasses, our traffic management system and all our transportation investments." Emphasizing that with the transportation investments, big savings in time and fuel have been achieved and the effect of air pollution from fuel has been reduced, President Zolan said, “Metropolitan works, Denizli wins”.



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